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The Natives Of Dark in Dark Practice

Dark Practice

I still wonder why I find dark mirrors so hard to be near, but the dark itself I love. The mirror is a nexus, but it isn’t any more of an open door than your house door is.

I used to play Bloody Mary but she never showed up. And she won’t ever. The things you will see in a dark mirror will either lose patience with you, as they don’t care much for human emotions in general, or they will merely try to communicate things mostly by imagery. Looking into the dark mirror just sensitizes your brain to that frequency of energy.

I see a lot of movement in them like radiant heat waves and shapes that could be human like. The dark is a very busy place and there are human like beings there, even sometimes humans. In fact, the natives try to scare humans into letting go of that existence as it is a wrong turn, at least for most of them. There are those who, when they pass, go into the dark as in life they were always creatures of it anyway. This is the basis of things like the lineages behind the lore of Petro.

One that may come up around St. Patricks Day is the leprechaun. I can discuss the Dark Fey. They are known as the unseelie court, and a lot of old witchcraft was based on dealing with a world where you live with them. This is why you see so much use of nails and iron items in general. I do not recommend trying to go Dark Fey hunting. This has lead to things that make the Blair Witch movie look tame.

Did you believe the Blair Witch story? The movie was a bit silly. Not as a literal recounting. It is a silly what if, but has its basis in real life experiences. Some friends and I once ran afoul of a vrolock. My friends wanted to be shown creatures of the dark side, but didn’t want to listen to their guide. No one died, but they remained scared for a while after. Vrolock = vampire spirit. Flesh and blood vampires would function more as a form of totemic channelling, and most people are not fit for that.

I still remember you telling me I had a Bogart in my room. That is enough darkness for me. Bogart’s are cute little things. They lurk about as humanoid shadows.

Like a house Elf? Usually taller and with a sort of nebulous region around the shoulders that could only loosely be described as wings. The fey have what is called an etheric existence. This means they are quasi incarnated. They “live” much longer than humans but pass from that state.

The etheric could be called the unified field of matter. It has things in common with matter and mirrors the forms of matter, but is more of a secondary wave. It organizes differently than matter. The elders of the Fey are called Daevas, which has its roots in the same word as devil and divine. It’s the bases of the concept of fey kings and queens, but the Devas are closer to chaos than fairies and humans.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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