'Art' Chapter


The original meaning of the word art simply meant skill. There was literally no difference between building a house and writing a song. They were all seen as arts. Art has always involved the interaction between the individual and the world around them. Art says we can. Law says we must, and they both interact with the same facet of life. In the case of art, the artist looks at the physical life from the point of view of a personal relationship to the world and the presences in it.

Art is human nature. The artist creates. The lunatic is created, made, forced. Science is busy making the man. Religion also is busy making the man. Anyone going sane yet?

“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.” Albert Einstein

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso

Art Appeal

I’d love to go back in time and witness the first ever spoken word. It was probably an obscenity or an exclamation of awe. They have recently done a study regarding art. Art originated with religion on earth, so did cities,… Seek More

Do What You Prefer

I hope to do today’s subject justice, as art has a great deal of meaning for many people, more so than many older views and traditions did. My writing class teachers even think of writers as artists. There is no… Seek More

We Can or We Must

Why do we do anything at all? We do things to feel good? Yes. We live in a living world, and the ways of our world lead to changes in our world, changes in body and mind. It’s inescapable. But… Seek More

Split Between Art and Religion

More than a few of the world cultures have no word for religion. They actually use their word for law, and community cohesion revolved around the insights held by the priests. In some cultures artists and priests were allies where… Seek More

Return to Clarity

Magic, art and religion were the sum body of human knowledge for quite some while. Each body of knowledge evolved, and as human experience of the world and each other grew, these understandings changed. Religion gave rise to secular law,… Seek More

Core Order

They are discovering a great deal about the behaviour of the human mind. They will very likely unearth all the “science” there is to have from it. They will not understand the mind or its functions without art. It will… Seek More

Art is Life

Magical thought taught us that when man becomes predatory beast, it’s a bad thing. Werewolf. What does science seem to want to make humans? Describe humans as? They are busy working on ways to “bait” the hairless monkey, and they… Seek More