Where a place doesn’t arise from nature it can arise from spiritual principle, though it is a rare thing.

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Magic, art and religion were the sum body of human knowledge for quite some while. Each body of knowledge evolved, and as human experience of the world and each other grew, these understandings changed. Religion gave rise to secular law, and really still does. Art gave rise to philosophy and a great many cultural movements. This is why we say a scholar has a bachelor of arts degree or a doctor of philosophy (aka a PhD) and magic gave rise to the sciences. So here we are today.

At war? Yes. Now I ask you, why is that?

As humanity grew in prosperity, it also grew in hubris. The more they seemed to be able to control, either through law or description or science, the more they lost sight of their original natures, swallowed up by their fascination with their various paths. Humanity stopped being human and started being art, and by art I mean artificial, a created, unnatural thing.

A collection of parts. That’s how western medicine sees us. Yes. Even art can translate you into abstract notions of beauty and philosophical concepts such as dignity and nobility.

I remember Marshall McLuhan’s idea that as soon as the first satellite went up, this world became a TV studio and we all became performers. I would agree with that. It just was an innovation in media. We were media well before satellites. In fact, orthodox religion requires we see ourselves as media, clay, or some other artistic medium.

And of course law sees us as units vs. humans. Yes, parts of a system. A citizen is a number, not a person. It’s a file and collection of data.

Numbers and bank ATMs. I don’t have a credit card slot. Well, that does raise the question of whether humans can be purchased even in this day and age. An Egyptian slave could not be purchased. They all belonged to their religious institution and were as sacred as their idols were.

So to get humanity back we need to re-integrate law, art and science? Yes. We didn’t actually gain control of anything. We still don’t have control. There are forces in the world that are much bigger than us, and their power serves as the precursor for human consciousness. The potential for life in the universe is now understood to be quite common. We can even create “fake” versions of our very own building blocks, and they still behave like real DNA does. Whether you want to see these forces as themselves having intelligence isn’t really relevant. Intelligence or no, they still have influence, and they serve purposes that don’t serve us.

I am not saying this to spook anyone. I have a point and it relates to today’s topic. We behave according to laws that predate us by an immeasurable length of time, and our bodies both arose and evolved according to an order that exists immanent in reality itself. This gave rise and still does inspire the insights that lead us to artists expression.

Laws as in instinct? Law as in physical law, but manifesting in the instincts of life as well as the tendencies of material behaviour. The Jungian archetypes have not a lesser reality than our current world model, they have a greater reality. The implicate order as we experience it in our subconscious minds and our conscious imaginations is very real, and if we gain no understanding of this, then we will control nothing ever. Collapse is permissible in the implicate order we live in, and a tree without roots does that very thing.

So it’s like a preprogrammed thing? It’s more like the essence of code, and it doesn’t care what you program. The code still follows its own logic.

I would think that could only be understood with an interdisciplinary view. I agree. The unification of the arts was the ultimate in interdisciplinary cooperation.

You can’t disobey any more than you can hold your breath until you die. You can disobey, in a sense, because you can choose to obey something else. It’s a very broad reality, and the return to clarity and sanity will be achieved by neither priests nor scientists. Both of their views are innately limited. They have to be to exist in the form they now do.

Art can bridge the gap? Can, yes, with the right artists and a holistic vision.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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