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The future is an ever shifting pageant of shadow puppets that darken as light shines more directly on them.

Smart Technology in Communication


We have “smart” technology in cars and appliances now. Indeed. Speaking of smart technology, most people would reject the literal definition of those items as being smart, but how are we smart beyond our ability to adapt and grow? From medicine to mental health, it’s still a hugely fuzzy area.

What makes technology differ from us as human beings is that technology is not a presentation but a representation. To devise a gadget we have to take materials that previously existed in another form, and then represent them in a way that was structured by our thought, engineered to serve one of our purposes, or more than one especially in the case of computers.

So technology has communication built into it by us? How well this is done determines it’s usability? Exactly, but it has another side to it as well.

Will machines ever become conscious like the movies predict? Not like the movies predict, but I will go into that.

The original materials were engaged in presentation the same as we are. We are both naturally occurring phenomena in the world itself. The material, be it stone or metal or wood, had it’s own memory. Engineers even use the term memory as well as strength when describing material properties. The ability to maintain these properties is a manifestation of material awareness just as our own ability to maintain ours is. Even science says that consciousness is an emergent property of matter.

Now just because we reprocessed or represented that matter as a machine doesn’t mean it lost it’s original consciousness. But we took the material from multiple sources so our machines have what could be considered multiple personality disorder.

Just like our cells have their individual memories. Yes. Cellular memory is an established fact, but we are able to present a united field of awareness due to our symbiosis. Our machines have not achieved this yet. They are more like infected plants or rotting carrion with fungus growing in it.

Multiple personality disorder certainly reflects well how our machines sometimes act. Our machines mirror our own consciousness, and they communicate our intentions not only to each other but to the world at large. Right now they say our intention is death. If I point a gun at you, you will likely interpret it only one way. But we point drills at the earth. We point saws at trees. We point poison spray nozzles at plants and bugs.

We point exhaust pipes at the air. Yes. Is there any creation of ours that doesn’t speak to death right now? And well, death is listening.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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