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The consensus reality is the lie.

Growth is the Rule in Consciousness


In the question of which came first, the spirits/gods or man… Well, the answer is neither. We are helping these virtual minds evolve and carry on to shape the formation of what might be called higher order realities, next generation iterations or variations of our story here.

Are we all (spirits, gods and man) emanations from these forces? Sympathetic resonances. Co arising. We are neither product nor producer. We are children and dancers, story tellers and characters.

There is a song title I like, “I write sins, not tragedies.” How this relates to the topic of manifold consciousness is that the errors we perceive ourselves to make in living out our stories are not actually errors. The errors have worth in that they introduce variability in an otherwise static equation. They make the math equation keep progressing. If sins/errors were tragedies the math would break, the story end. Does that look like it will happen any time soon? We need the periods of rest and peace also, time to reflect so we can refine our future choices.

Take all your self images together and that is your personal pantheon of gods. Take all your self images and that is also all your points of view on the world. Take all those states of your personal observer and that encompasses all your potential actions and all their outcomes. Now add in the third point, the undiscovered country, the mystery, and you have what gives rise to all these unthinkable outcomes, all the world miracles, all the vast potential of our futures unseen. Essentially truth is stranger than fiction. The only constant is change itself, and reality is a wonderful idea but what is actually real outstrips even our wildest fantasies.

There is no single personality putting constraints on reality. All personalities contribute to the expansion of reality. Growth is the rule rather than the exception and our contributions come naturally.

Are some personalities evil? Burroughs has a definition of evil I like. Evil is the face of total need. So there are personalities that manifest a greater degree of this tendency, but no single personality manifests any single tendency in any absolute sense. No observer is defined by any single trait alone or it could only have a tangential relationship to reality at all.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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