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Evil intent differs from evil essence, and it is even addressed in the Bible. There is a poorly understood scripture, but it speaks against “fighting” evil people. If you fight them, it confines you to reacting to them.

Objects Of Consciousness in Consciousness


The events or objects of consciousness are what we call experience and some call qualia. They arise inevitably alongside the awareness process presenting themselves to us in what is an unavoidable pattern of interference some would call the observer effect. The act of taking cognizance of an object acts on the object of awareness itself, and your personal disposition toward the thing or situation considered, alters the energy dynamic in the thing or situation.

All consciousnesses are self-aware? All consciousnesses are self existent. Self awareness is a spectrum.

How I feel about what I am looking at or thinking about effects that thing? Yes, as it both arises from that thing and influences the behaviour of your body and mind in contact with that thing.

Thinking good or bad thoughts about people can affect them? Yes, and this has been established even in the broader scientific community. They just haven’t established the degree of this influence. But by extension, just as your own conscious processes are able to effect the materials that compose your material form, they retain the same relationship to all other instances of that material. The iron and calcium and carbon in your body are no different than they are in the soil.

Having a positive attitude can help you heal? It can. These patterns are more than just psychological tricks. The forces of healing, both biological and psychological, are every bit as physical, if you will, as gravity and solar flares. The resonance of the consciousness force retains a model of the proper form any object or person should take, as well as a framework for the coherent progression of that form, like an algorithm.

Hence the importance of self image. There is a false ego which is a sort of psychic signal noise that jams our structural and spiritual integrity, and there is a true self which is an extension or model/memory of the self that precedes the advent of our physical body and survives it after.

Kerlian photography shows the whole leaf even after a part is cut off. Indeed. It is an excellent visual model.

And there have been cases under extreme stress where individuals have reported using a missing limb. And the only reason we have working neural interfaces for prosthetic devices now is they discovered that the brain has neural holograms of any limb in its own structure. Your brain mirrors every part of your body and all its functions. But the brain is just an organic crystal, or rather a complex gel, that serves as a complex resonance matrix for the force of consciousness itself. Basically, it’s an organic random access memory device grown to be read from and written to, but by itself incapable of the processing of information in our environment. It just logs it for upload and download.

Without consciousness the brain is useless? Yes. In fact, without consciousness the physical form itself ceases to be able to maintain its integrity.

Is that what happens to brain-dead patients on life support? Yes. Even if you accept the scientific model of consciousness as an electrochemical process, then if you kill the electrical activity in the body, you kill the body all together. It will only decay from there as its ongoing memory function has been compromised, but electrical activity is not confined to what we consider life forms. If I deliver an electrical shock to your system, you will be aware of it. Even on more subtle levels, ambient electrical fields create feelings of stress and paranoia in people living in prolonged contact with them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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