'Blood Magic' Chapter

Blood Magick

In a very broad sense blood magick is life magick. It’s primary principle is vitalism. The concept that life energy is universal and elemental. Blood magick is considered to be able to give life to intention. There is a lot of blood related belief still out there, and little of it is based on actual experience as people have largely abandoned the old blood rites. What more proof of the power of blood than it’s life saving properties? What more proof of the wisdom in the way of blood than the truths we have learned about life based on the study of blood.

The three instincts that we have when we see red, when we see blood, are lust, fear, and hunger. All blood practices put you in touch with one of these forces, and let you channel and even perhaps transform these forces. We have instincts for the order of blood. Our prey should bleed, even our enemy should bleed, but our tribe should not bleed. Our family should not bleed. We fear blood because we fear the breaking of the life bond, the covenant between body and spirit.

“Of all writings I love only that which is written with blood. Write with blood: and you will discover that blood is spirit.” Friedrich Nietzsche (German classical Scholar, Philosopher, 1844-1900.)

“If the blood humor is too strong and robust, calm it with balance and harmony.” Xun Zi

Way Of Blood

The topic of blood magic is pretty broad, so I thought it might help focus if we start with questions first. Ok, just a little side note. I’m sometimes not comfortable with blood. Relevant side note, and I will go… Seek More

Essence Of Life

The interaction with blood does not require blood shed though in the past that was involved, and people were much more casual about a great many things. I think the magic works better with flowing blood. You want the energy… Seek More

Blood Ritual

It is pretty gross that they want me to drink Jesus’ blood. The ritual drinking of Jesus’ blood was considered to allow in the sharing of Jesus spirit and thus by extension the holy spirit. The idea behind it was considered… Seek More

Plague And Blood

What is plague magick? Plague magick and blood magick are mirror opposites. Where blood magick gives life, plague magick blights or dwarfs it. Plague is its own force and is as omnipresent as blood. Hell, even in science we don’t… Seek More

Blood Drinkers

Shall we go into the blood suckers? They are not of the blood, but they are of the earth, of the dark earth. The dark earth and the earth we know are part of each other, and each manifests a… Seek More


A vampire is like a spirit who has possessed their own body? Exactly. This is perhaps an explanation of psychic vampires. They often have had near death experiences (NDE), and in general are able to feed more easily when you… Seek More

Trial By Ordeal

Shall we discuss combat magic which is blood magic? Trial by ordeal, ritual combat, even war time spirituality. Ritual combat / trial by ordeal was based on the principle of divine wisdom in the blood. That the act of struggling… Seek More

Reactions To Blood

We have three possible reactions to blood, and all blood ritual is an expression and mastery of one of these three spiritual forces. The three instincts that we have when we see red, when we see blood, are: Lust, the… Seek More

Order Of Blood

As far as positive blood magick practices, meditation and breath control are a given. Yoga and tai-chi, as well as diet magick. Sex as a spiritual practice. Like a detox diet? Selectively in that case. Sterility is a state in… Seek More