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Sadness isn’t itself a virtue. You know your heart best when it breaks, and you can come to see, that though you feel grief, your heart isn’t actually “broken”.

Order Of Blood in Blood Magic

Blood Magick

As far as positive blood magick practices, meditation and breath control are a given. Yoga and tai-chi, as well as diet magick. Sex as a spiritual practice.

Like a detox diet? Selectively in that case. Sterility is a state in synch with the dark earth. The entities of the dark earth being for the most part sterile, or reproducing in what we consider abnormal ways. Austerity shuns blood magick. Most forms of monasticism strictly forbid contact with blood even when they allow the consumption of meat.

So I can say to a woman, “It’s for my health!”? Coercive sexual behaviour is a venereal disease, a tainting of the blood and thus the personal spirit.

I remember a big uproar when a girl needed a blood transfusion and the parents said their religious advisor forbid it and I think the law tried to intervene. Yes. There is a lot of blood related belief still out there, and little of it is based on actual experience as people have largely abandoned the old blood rites all together. What more proof of the power of blood than it’s life saving properties? What more proof of the wisdom in the way of blood than the truths we have learned about life based on the study of blood?

Many religions feel the blood needs to be pure? To be worthy? Their faith is misplaced in my belief, misguided. But for those of you who are regulars at my classes, I have commented often that popular beliefs are misguided. I don’t mean it so much as bigotry, but as encouragement for you to find your own answers.

Blood magick is behind the truthfully universal masochistic tendency. We all enjoy pain, if only some kinds of pain and only to a limited degree. So some discover that blood letting puts them more in touch with the blood force. They don’t want to die or anything. They want to feel more alive.

One time you said I was a bleeder and that made sense to me because while not physically, I do not like to give up my blood for anything. I’m glad it was a useful comment. I usually avoid being too frank with my perceptions. They tend to seem twisted or complex to others, perhaps convoluted. I don’t know.

Why does seeing blood make us faint? Seeing blood is seeing God. Specifically seeing blood is seeing Gods wrath. The reminder that blood can be shed and your life end, reminds us that mortality is built into our lives.

We have instincts for the order of blood. Our prey should bleed. Even our enemy should bleed, but our tribe should not bleed. Our family should not bleed. We fear blood because we fear the breaking of the life bond, the covenant between body and spirit. It doesn’t matter if its personal or not, it’s still the sign of the bond broken.

The thought of a loved one even getting a small cut is a horrible thought. I get upset when my wife even gets a bruise. That’s bleeding. The blood just doesn’t spill.

It just means she is loved. Yes, it does mean that.

In fact, this is why the use of the mace became so popular among religious warriors. They used the mace to kill because it would not spill unclean blood on the earth. Thus not offend the Gods / spirits, what have you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well and I will add be whole. Even be healed if necessary.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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