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Fascination is revelation of the new without triggering a fear response.

Blood Drinkers in Blood Magic

Blood Magick

Shall we go into the blood suckers? They are not of the blood, but they are of the earth, of the dark earth. The dark earth and the earth we know are part of each other, and each manifests a mirror of the other. Both scientifically and metaphysically just as there is a water cycle, there is a blood cycle. We even call it the gene pool. More water imagery there.

What is the dark earth exactly? The dark earth is an echo of our earth, and really part of its make up directly impacts even our physics. It’s the land of the hungry ghosts of Buddhism among other things.

It’s not physical? It is both physical and spiritual. The black noise generated by our earths crust. The interference patterns or “shadows” that distort our information broadcasts. The general energetic static they pick up on when they detect quakes and electronic voice phenomenon (evp). These are the physical forces of the dark earth. This is also the real of the shadow people phenomenon. It even creates things like the Oregon vortex.

Lower astral level? Lower than the lower astral, perhaps parallel to the etheric. Sort of sideways from the energies that allow the proper growth of flesh and blood, and origin of the plague force among other things. Spontaneous combustion is linked to the dark earth, but all Dark Metaphysics topics are linked to this very broad domain, and we are on blood magick today.

The blood drinkers usually at their most powerful are considered to be Demigods and also patron deities of the night predators. They govern a whole realm of the blood seekers. Entities that exist as a shadow of the living world.

If things were in order, the blood, or life drinkers if you will, serve the purpose of preventing overgrowth. Growth of life without checks is called cancer, and the life drinkers are supposed to be an immune system. They have never been well liked, but in all early cultures there was a practice of at least limited cooperation with them even by the Magi. Before the reformation lead by Zoroaster there was an appeasement. It was even considered a mercy offering to the lost. Those souls still clinging to and seeking the feeling of living flesh and blood. The lost would only later be called the damned. No paranormal research seems to back up the notion that any of the lost are actually damned.

So instead of staking them, maybe we just give them a map? Well, that was originally the role of the Shaman. To serve as pyschopomp or guide to the dead as well as the living. They only had to act as an exorcist with belligerent spirits and blood was involved in that. Even in the Bible, a mark of blood, specifically from a lamb, was used to turn aside the angel of death.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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