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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Impermanence Of Our State in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

I read a book that had creatures in it devouring negative energy left by traumatic events, like at old battlefields. Oh, that actually exists. Some normal animals even have that mark in their evolution. Mushrooms being a big one and a great many insects.

Is that why mushrooms are associated with fairies? It is as they exist in the neutral zone defined by what we consider dead spots.

Is the Buddhist death meditation a method to create more dead spots? Perhaps all meditation? Yes, exactly. It creates an internal dead spot, a dark or yin singularity in the consciousness, thus allowing transition to higher states of awareness. There can be no transition without darkness. It even shows up in the double slit experiment in physics.

They’re saying how meditation is good for our health. This points us to the value of dead spots on our health? Yes. They renew structure in an otherwise noisy mess of physical activity which is memory which is matter.

Speaking of memory, our places of memory, memorials and graveyards, the remembrance of the dead… Well even without going into concepts of life after death, there is the process of memory in the mind, and we often mourn things that now exist only in our memory. Why is that?

Because we can’t create new memories of them. Like the difference between reading a book and interacting with people online. The book will never change. Interesting and only half true, but commonly believed to be true. Even if you don’t try to wrap you head around the more strange concepts of physics, research into memory shows that we use the same parts of our memory to recall events as we do to imagine events and even dream about them. And our memories do change in a sense. They continue to grow and become more elaborate.

You can only imagine things and plan actions based on that part of your body-brain-soul (whatever you want to call it) that remembers. But this memory is only possible when something is interrupted. The part of your mind that is aware of the current moment is unplugged from this broader domain. It doesn’t show a direct connection.

Also the physical senses, the immediacy of hugging someone and talking to them, is stronger than remembering those things. In part because of our anxiety. When under hypnosis you can be made to react to the suggestion of any event as if it were actually happening. It’s even deeper than the old and now obsolete theory of suggestion.

Perhaps why you need to forget about a problem sometimes and then the solutions come out of the blue, but then you can’t remember what the question was? Is indeed why. Just the expectation of having something happen triggers the expected response, but this happens in calm states, states of rest/death. The supposed memory is actually the endurance of the person place or thing in question. The only distancing factor is your own internal processes.

Is this why those dying say they’ll always be with you? Perhaps they have an understanding of how this memory works. If only half hearted, it is still there, yes. We often make statements that our intuition confirms even while our rational mind is heavily invested in fighting it.

We move with light. Not because light is life, but because light is our narrow little domain. The skin of our current state of being. The shedding of which make’s us fearful. This is part of why things like snakes and maggots are so scary. Not only do they remind us of how very fleshy we are, they are living symbols of the impermanence of our state.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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