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A day consists of not only new tasks, but of new thoughts and perceptions.

Living Contradictions in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

We have trained ourselves to disbelieve in the dead spots when in fact the real life moments are closer to the pink unicorn type of thing than the dead spots. Our instinct, our very flesh and blood, is programmed to avoid death and any signs of death.

Death is the most powerful force in reality. Gloomy, huh? And the shocker is you are already dead. Your body can form only by a process of energy stepping down its activity level. Your memories can form only by a process that consumes and eliminates other bits of potential.

A lot of replication of cells going on all the time. Yes, and the parent cell dies but only after spawning a set of new ones. You can exist only because of a process of death, and yet we expect to find meaning in the sound and fury people insist on calling life?

You are stillness making sound, death pretending at life, darkness noticing light and calling it the opposite. We are living contradictions and can exist only because of this relationship of paired mutually cancelling opposites. According to physics, there should be equal parts matter and anti-matter, at least roughly. Which would mean that there should be no matter at all, and yet we do indeed have matter. We have what appears to be stable forms and ongoing life. Is this because we keep busy?

Anti or dark matter, isn’t that already more than matter? Anti-matter is not the same as dark matter. Anti-matter is matter organized in the mirror opposite way with an opposite balance of energy. Dark matter doesn’t show the properties of visible matter with the exception that it has mass and creates curvature of space time. It’s like the hidden weight in a loaded pair of dice.

Let’s take the topic of Dead Spots back down to earth shall we? It plays out on the everyday level also. It appears to behave in ways we call things like fate and karma. This is why we say that all good things must end though the same thing is true in reverse as well. But this thinking is a bit backward. All good things must exist. Their apparent end arises not from these death forces, but because of the will of what we consider life. Your spirit shifts sort of like an amoeba under a microscope, and the action of your life processes adds the energy to your environment that causes previous states to decay, previous states of being to end.

It’s that crisis moment, the fearful flash where we have the “Oh my God, I’m going to die!” realization, that creates the dead spots. Self fulfilling prophecy. There is no such thing as a death wish. The life drive just casts a shadow, and some people get obsessed with trying to control this shadow.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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