'Dead Spots' Chapter

Dead Spots

That moment when a conversation seems to be dying off. The moment when song ends even when we know another is coming almost immediately. Those moments when in our busy train of daily thought we realize that what seemed so engaging has come to a screeching halt and we don’t know why. We are afraid of these points. We fear the loss of our sanity in the dead spot, because the dead spot is a rest in the sound of the mind. For a period of time, no matter how brief, things stop making sense.

Everything in the world creates an energy, casts a light out into the world. These life light’s intermingle to create life events. Dead spots are where time and space interface.

“We had a couple of dead spots in the game. We know if we don’t do what we’re supposed to, anything can happen.” Shaquille O’Neal (American NBA Basketball Player, Rapper and Actor, b.1972)

“People have recovered from the holiday parties and they’re ready for something to happen. It’s kind of a dead spot, literally and figuratively.” Tim Furst

Our Dead Spots

Today, we are talking about dead spots. It may sound strange, and I am not necessarily talking about graveyards or places like that, but the idea is related in a way. We go through our day looking for the light… Seek More

Substance Of Life

Dead spots are not evil, but people do find them scary. We actually need them. Dead spots arise as a natural consequence of all the energy around us. They are realities dark side or shadow. They pop up whenever the… Seek More

Living Contradictions

We have trained ourselves to disbelieve in the dead spots when in fact the real life moments are closer to the pink unicorn type of thing than the dead spots. Our instinct, our very flesh and blood, is programmed to… Seek More

Impermanence Of Our State

I read a book that had creatures in it devouring negative energy left by traumatic events, like at old battlefields. Oh, that actually exists. Some normal animals even have that mark in their evolution. Mushrooms being a big one and… Seek More

Dead Spot Orientation

We would be healthier by noticing and working with dead spots? We could be as long as we don’t try to use them as a life substitute. It would be perhaps like that state spoken of in fiction, undeath. Just as… Seek More

Life And Death

Dead spots in the life cycle. It’s pretty simple to see really. Life feeds on life though less so in this modern era, and as we have come to feed on synthetics instead of life, where has that lead us?… Seek More

Place On The Web

Dead spots in the living world and the life cycle. Everything in the world creates an energy, casts a light out into the world. These life lights intermingle to create life events. Now everything in the natural world exists as… Seek More

Necromancy Of All Things

The form of necromancy I intend to discuss is not the same as the classic necromancy. This thread of necromancy often peeks its head up in other magical practices as well, even religious practices. It’s related to the exploration and… Seek More

Clean Break

Death is one force of many and has its own rules and mechanisms it works on. One simple thing, for those who just want to limit the dead spot influence all together, is death works like fire. This is why… Seek More

Grounding Of Energies

Perhaps the first clarification. Necromancy is not destruction, not in the literal sense. What happens when two waves crash into each other? Interference? Smaller wave? Seeming destruction, but in fact it is not. It’s the basis of exchange. It’s the… Seek More