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Warriors and soldiers are passionate? But that is merely focus. They are controlled and they are driven. They believe, but this is not passion. Passion sort of excludes belief.

Act Like An Ender in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

Enough of the philosophy, shall we return to practical application of necromancy? Reality, left to its own devices, uses both what we consider life affirmative and creative or positive energies to create people, places, things and events, and death energy to improve the clarity and fidelity of the event. To promote integrity of each event so it can persist once it gets started. If you don’t cut out some energy from a situation, the other energy just drowns it out and then nothing happens. No change. No change is possible without this dark side to underscore the light we see by. Without shadow our eyes would be blinded.

You can influence this balance of creation and negation by making your choices based on what you perceive the situation to need. If it needs more life energy, if the activity seems slow and sluggish though clear and solid, then you have to act lively, include vibrant things in your environment, find more sources of energy to work with. But just finding more get up and go is often not sufficient, is it? Is being hyper enough to get things done?

Sometimes it’s all fast and lively but not going anywhere. Exactly. If you scream at a raging waterfall, does the water fall any faster?

Hyper just means you burn out faster. Exactly. Hyper means the shadow kicks in to balance out the noise you are making which in most peoples cases means including you out of the situation as you are interfering with the creative process.

So in the case of the screaming chaos type of situations, you have to be willing to act like an ender. Include things in your environment that bring your energy level down, destroy or discard things that as positive as they might be seem, only serve to cloud your attention and thus interfere with your intentions.

Sometimes we do need to rain on the parade. Yes. Raining on the parade allows the trampled grass to grow back.

Having too many things to focus on stops you from getting anything done so you have to prioritize.Yes.

Block energy? Some energies do need to be blocked, and yes, the broader art of necromancy I am talking about is the art of blocking energy and reading energy blocks. You can’t use creative energy to remove a block. You have to block the blocking, fight fire with fire. This is why no amount of enthusiasm or guilt will let you be more creative. You have to finish being frustrated or depressed first, or understand frustration and depression well enough that you know how to make them burn themselves out.

The sense of the creepy presence in the shadows is actually your guardian angel. That fear makes you let go of your anxiety. This is why people become so fascinated with things like extreme sports. Nearly breaking their neck not only gives them an adrenaline rush, but also lets them really appreciate that burger and fries they have after the event. Enjoy the fact that they can enjoy anything at all. Isn’t that the most fundamental part of life?

Is that because it takes us out of our human thinking? Indeed. It moves us into the elemental spirit.

Yes. If you are dealing with the threat of death all the time, all the other anxieties in life seem minimal.

Now we need not be that radical. We don’t have to terrorize ourselves. An awareness of the part death and ending plays in our life can guide our decisions so that we can stand a chance of having anything last.

Taking risks feels pretty good. Even if they don’t work out, your courage did. That’s true. It can serve as motivation to accept that darker side of your life. At the very least, you can say you actually lived.

Magic can be called your way of life, so can religion. Necromancy is not the reason your way of life fails.

Is the creepy presence your courage? The creepy presence is your soul. Courage comes when you realize the soul is perfectly at home everywhere it is and at all times.

So the guardian angel is actually your soul? It is yes. Actual devic entities interact with it. The body is a temporary construct and can’t handle the direct energy of an angelic contact.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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