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Dark Seeking in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

People create little breaks in their life circuit. Little places where they try to substitute a part of their death body for the life body. A place where they believe only in ends. It becomes a dark stain on their perception of life in general. A common necromantic injury occurs when someone becomes fixated on eating, either believing they stave off death by eating or believing that eating brings on their death faster.

Does that have anything to do with the rifts in my reflection? Indeed. Necromantic injuries are common actually, but they create a corrupting dissonance in the normal persons awareness. They can’t reconcile the death body awareness with life.

Where people stop trying new things? That is common when they think why bother starting. It’s not exactly that. It’s where people become attuned to the loss or destruction of one facet of life. They even often begin seeking it out. Because they can’t reconcile this fully blown aspect of their awareness that seems to have been injected into their mind from perhaps the darkness itself, they try to seek out encounters with it. Perhaps believing that would help them understand it and heal it.

Does this happen when they “loose” a loved one? It happens for some people when they suffer from a loss, yes. Other people don’t have it occur in those situations but have it instead come when their life was seriously threatened by illness or violence. But the reason this dark seeking fails is it just makes the black stain creep across even more of their awareness like trying to use an eraser on ink. They are looking at it as if their soul has become broken or something about reality has become unwhole.

One of the things I mean to share today is that realization that reality is never broken, nor are you. But there are parts of yourself that if you are not ready, you are better off leaving alone. It’s sort of like the Greek legends of entering into the underworld. Hades was not a monster to the Greeks, but he was seen as very cold, an authoritarian. And if you did not have the insight into the darkness, you could wind up going there or being stuck there before it would have been your natural time. If you prefer to see it in a less spooky way, it can be seen as a viral morbid obsession with truth and integrity behind something people are not equipped to handle.

Hades is “the man”. Yes, exactly. The authority, and you can say it sucks but that doesn’t change anything.

So saying “Down with the man” is like saying, “Go to Hades.” Exactly. Human thinking is splintered, but it still all stems from the same source.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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