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The alienation of sudden death tends to warp the mind of the recently departed. The desire for the life they lost is heartbreaking, maddening even.

Grounding Of Energies in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

Perhaps the first clarification. Necromancy is not destruction, not in the literal sense. What happens when two waves crash into each other?

Interference? Smaller wave? Seeming destruction, but in fact it is not. It’s the basis of exchange. It’s the wrinkle in your brain that lets you remember things. The wrinkle in your face the means you remember a great many things. It’s the wrinkle in time that means that in that moment your choice will end other choices. They will close as you follow another. There is no such thing as destruction, but there is levelling, a grounding out of energies. This is why they say death is the great leveller. In order for anything you want to have happen to occur, other energies have to ground out to preserve the integrity of your intent.

You need a blank slate, empty canvas. Yes.

The reason most people struggle with magical practices is they are unwilling to die which means they are unwilling to live. They sometimes achieve some success as they show an affinity for the forces behind some of our worlds habits. They may show an affinity for healing and pain relief say, or be very sensitive to cycles and thus develop talent for divination. This is why when people think of God they always experience at least the ghost of a fear. The dark underpinning that God hears you but just doesn’t care, or even worse intends to thwart your efforts.

Ever notice when you get a really loud echo of a sound it interferes with hearing any sound? They usually describe this as bad acoustics. The echoes are all wrong for appreciating the original sound.

Well, the creative cycle echoes, and an understanding of the part of dead spots in the structure of reality can help us improve the acoustics of our intentions. Even help us figure out how to alter dissonance for others as well. Which brings me to the modern concept of mediumship. It existed in an older form as well, but its new form is different enough to be considered its own thing. Even if the modern intuitive medium is not actually breaching the veil and establishing a connection with one of the departed, they can be sensitive to the clash of energies in your life that mark deaths fingerprint on you. Your living energy has a pattern in it sort of like the ridges in your finger prints.

Deaths fingerprint? Yes, like traces. It’s the shadow of the living meridian system. The life lines are echoed by death lines, and even if your loved one died in peace, your own ” death body” may have become harmed by this loss. The modern medium often sense this and translate this negative empathy into a dialogue, potentially allowing a healing.

It is not selfish to feel the loss even if death was welcomed by the loved one? It is not selfish, no. Like I said on the subject of dead spots, every living thing has its dark echo. Your life exists along side your death, and your death changes just like your life does.

The medium is helping us have a conversation with ourselves and not with the departed? Yes, exactly. That makes a lot of sense. In many of those readings it seems to be more about the person living then a concern of the one dead.

What is the thing is in the grey part? Not dark or light, but both? Reality is between these, yes. We are just more comfortable keeping our senses tuned to the life force and its resources. Anything else is usually just a distraction, even potentially psychologically damaging. This damage most often happens by accident as few people are knowing necromancers.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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