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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Dead Spot Orientation in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

We would be healthier by noticing and working with dead spots? We could be as long as we don’t try to use them as a life substitute. It would be perhaps like that state spoken of in fiction, undeath. Just as confining, but flipped on it’s own head.

What happens if you use them as a substitute? You would likely lose your mind. You would cut ties from your natural sense of connection to life, and you would cease being able to effectively track the events that you came into life to experience and grow from.

Would that be like substance abuse? It would be the opposite of substance abuse. The mirror pathway of it and just as bad. It would be memory / energy abuse, and a good number of otherwise living human beings have this addiction to some degree. In my own case, I have relationship to the dead spot orientation due to my genetic defect.

Living in their past? Yes, though we are all living in our past because the past is living. It’s just not necessarily paralyzed. Any new planning or new thinking, the formation of any new opinions, draws from the past or we couldn’t form a connection to these things at all. This has been established by brain imaging studies. In some rare cases of disease or brain damage, the persons intellect remains intact but they lose touch with both their old memories and their ability to plan effectively, or even understand what it is to plan.

I never liked the idea that just because something is tradition means it is never to be amended or done away with for a more modern way. Yes, indeed. That is equal to choosing a living death.

Without memories, you lose a sense of time? You lose a sense of both time and intention. You lose the sense of potential which is what drives all life forward in the first place.

I think it’s why the government is failing. They are too set on tradition and not on what can be changed. As soon as you make of something an edifice, you carve its gravestone, and people love their gravestones. Perhaps the most popular is that slab we call a television.

I saw a documentary of a man who lost all ability to remember events more then minutes old. Every time he saw his wife even when she left for a short time, it was welcoming a long lost love. When you don’t remember a moment ago but you remember twenty years ago, each event becomes like a resurrection from the dead.

Perhaps we all need a brain reset once in a while. We do indeed, and we don’t respect it well enough. They call it sleep. Studies have even shown that regulating sleep with a clock, and doing things like observing daylight savings time, causes a degree of brain damage over time. We could benefit from observing the old Greek concept of kairos, natural time. Not having anything to do with measurements so much as a sense of seasons and the appropriateness of an activity at that time. The principle that everything must occur in its season and not before or after that. The crops know when to start growing and the cattle know when they are hungry, and the fish know where they should be in the water to feed as well as possible.

Dead spots are where time and space interface. They are the holes in the fabric of time space that let us remember anything in the first place. They are also the basis of our free will as otherwise life forces are much too strong for us to swim against.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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