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One reaches romantic maturity when they have accepted their “opposite” side and instead of looking for their opposite, they look for the truely “other”.

Necromancy Of All Things in Dead Spots

Dead Spots

The form of necromancy I intend to discuss is not the same as the classic necromancy. This thread of necromancy often peeks its head up in other magical practices as well, even religious practices. It’s related to the exploration and use of dead spots. Last time, we discussed where the dead spots were and what they were like, but I don’t recall going into their use or practices relating to them.

Every effort has it’s burn out point. Every struggle has a limit beyond which you actually prevent your own success. Everything you do has a mirror response that normally means you have done too much. Just as I described death as exceeding the bodies ability to hold energy, every situation also has a limit to how much energy can be put into it.

Law of diminishing return? Yes, exactly.

So magic does follow a lot of physics principles? It does, yes. It could be considered a broad art that uses folk physics as one of its tools.

Now sometimes this burn out point influences us in ways we don’t recognize, and sometimes one element of a situation reaches the burn out when another force involved has not. This is usually a really frustrating and even creepy experience. It can give us the impression that there is some outside intelligence working against us. Anyone ever experience this?

Like a feeling of being watched? It gives that impression sometimes yes, but tends to have a mocking quality like something is imitating you.

Like you are cursed or jinxed? If we fail to get a grip on this force it can function as if we are cursed even though no such active opposition is going on.

The necromancy I am talking about today is a necromancy of all things. It could be considered animistic necromancy. It works sort of like reverse psychology. For everything you would seek to start, for everything you might want to create, you also create a mirroring process of elimination. For a new thing to occur an old thing must end, but our world responds first to preserve it’s own balance. Which means it acts first to prevent what it is you are trying to start. Sort of a gremlin waiting to muck up the works, but it is just ensuring stability.

Interesting. Inertia. Causal inertia. It is indeed that. In fact, broader necromancy is working with the forces of entropy and inertia as tools. You won’t be able to dispense with them, no one can, and for some of us they seem to dominate our awareness. But they are not any more all powerful than any other force, nor are they meant to be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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