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Inhabiting the Senses in Perception

Language of Perception

Shall we do something more holistic? I will offer my own perceptual profile.

I have a general sense of un-wellness. My body tries to block out awareness of itself. I have become trained to see anything from the body as noise that I at best have to deal with to keep my other channels free. My visual channel tends to be quite stimulating, actually too stimulating. Ever watch efforts in movies to depict an acid trip?

Well, for me, my visual perception is kind of like that, but less in the moment, more time lapsed so a greater degree of visual fade. With concentration, I can carefully examine things and having to examine something closely and thoroughly is very tiring.

For me, the sense of sound makes the most sense. I have developed an ability to anticipate and sort sounds as if they were bodily motion, like watching people’s shadows moving against a wall so I can anticipate things like what will and will not be said or changes in peoples vocal tone. I tend to track themes in my auditory field like how complaining spreads in any given place. One person starts complaining about things in a McDonald’s and I can track the contagion across the store. So I even follow the meta-text. I can follow a memetic line of reasoning as it spreads between people. One person sees another persons complaining as permission to complain about their own thing. Another person disapproves of complaining so gets very quiet and stiff. It’s like a big page in a book, but yes, have I missed any of my senses?

Taste. Taste and smell go from being fascinating to bland to the point of undetectable to really nauseating, so I have a really big neutral ground there. Some tastes and smells stand out for me. The smell on my wife’s clothes, or the taste of bile in my throat. I would say my sense of taste is very selective perceptually.

Now I invite you, based on what we have talked about today, to describe me based on my senses and how they behave.

I think you avoid unwanted stimulation. I do, though that is common these days, or at least commonly claimed.

You prefer few close friends to groups of associates. You’d get stressed out in a large loud crowd of adults though you love concerts and stuff, so maybe not. I love/hate concerts, the smell of alcohol, or too much perfume, too much emotion, too much veiled intention.

I hate strong smells. Too much weed. I like the smell of weed. I don’t like the feeling though. Based on my sensory profile. Smell is a direct road to the emotions.

I think you are very good at controlling your senses. Do I get stressed out in those situations?

Sometimes, if there is a lot of personal interaction. Yes, the personal. But you like to ‘read the book of life’ so you also invite immersion. Yes. I test as ambiverted on personality tests. Can you say why?

Perhaps because you consciously use your perceptual channels. Would you say I am perceptually balanced?

I think you are. I would say I am not. I need more contact with my body. I sense much more potential in my senses that I have so far used.

But you can use and compensate knowingly. Ah, but yes, I practice at adjusting.

So does this weird stuff seem practical friends? Inhabiting the senses?

Shall we go one more small step further?

You can inhabit someone else’s senses also. This is why you wince when someone else stubs their toe, or slams their thumb with a hammer, but if you focus you can do it more deeply, with how their eyes move, or how they respond to sound, and you can begin to really read what it might be like for them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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