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We keep getting the same stuff because we keep thinking the same stuff. Each new cell bears the same convictions. Each magnetic impulse carries the same messages.

Managing Your Perceptual Channels in Perception

Language of Perception

Shall we get stranger?

You can deliberately inhabit each of your perceptual channels. I describe it this way for a reason. While that experiment I mentioned earlier didn’t explore this, each of your sensory channels is linked to each other. Part of your visual sense is linked to your sense of temperature, and part of your sense of taste is linked to your vision, things like that. Things will taste to you how they look to you, but there’s more. There is no centre of memory in your brain.

Why I comment on there being no memory centre in your brain is because you have sensory memories. Your sense of your emotional history is linked to your sense of smell and taste, and was linked early on. This is what leads newborns to breast feed. Your sense of social context is linked to your sense of hearing. Can you remember what someone said without having thoughts about why they said it?

No. You can allow any perceptual channel to embody your consciousness, your awareness of self. Each channel, as you move from one to another, will form a complete frame of mind, and just as you have a sense of your physical posture, you can sense and change your posture in that perceptual channel. Anyone want to try?

Sure. Pick a sense. Touch. Just immerse yourself in your sense of touch which is also your sense of your inner organic state as well. Feel your stomach, feel your bladder, all of your organs as you are aware of them. Your sense of touch is what tracks these. How do you feel? Beginning to feel self conscious?

I need to work out more. Thought so. How do you feel like behaving when you are touch centred? Touch immersed?

Sensual. Appetites fire up. And active. Feel a sense of lack?

Yes, sensual but it only lasts for a while. Too much touch and I get irritation. Can you feel how you could relax the sense of touch? Just let it be? Like you might when you accept that you just have to stand somewhere for a while. Try to feel that.

Like how tickling can either be very uncomfortable or very pleasurable. It’s all in how you relax. It is, yes. It’s in your sensory posture, your perceptual orientation, and you can reorient.

I’ve never found tickling to be pleasurable. You have always been a bit physically defensive I imagine.

When you relax your touch stance, how do you feel like behaving?

Laying about. Strange how much that can change your behaviour, no? Like you’re a different person?

True. You are two different people, but that can be changed. They have found that separate systems can become entrained so they will harmonize sort of like women bodies can when they live together long enough, but in this case it’s your senses. As you deliberately practice this, you will find a theme emerging. A way you prefer your perceptual channels to be arranged. A broad state of being you prefer to be in.

I would say many people are “on their ass”, so to speak, perceptually.

I wish I had as much control over my emotions. Emotions are easily controlled and gets easier with prolonged practice. Emotion is a state of a perceptual channel. Do you get upset because of something you don’t perceive?

No. Anyone feel otherwise?

I often get upset if I am confused. Ah, you perceive something to be out of order. That’s visual. You feel you can’t visualize what’s being said. Relaxing the visual centre makes that process snap in place much more easily. This is why closing your eyes helps.

This may explain my emotional upsets since my attack. Different things are being perceived and it’s unfamiliar? Yes, perceptual disorientation creates a pervasive sense of threat, and again, relaxing the senses eases that adjustment.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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