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You can’t trust another till you trust yourself, because if you don’t trust yourself then how do you know who’s trustworthy?

Perceptual Tricks in Perception

Language of Perception

Shall we get really weird now?

You can reconfigure your senses. This has even been proven in the lab recently, and I mean voluntarily reconfigure them not just use some reconditioning trick. I am doing this in my own personal development project, but yes, the experiment…

In this example, the people involved were already implanted with electrodes for treatment purposes of another condition, but in working with these people they were able to identify the region of the brain that fired in correspondence with the images of two different celebrities, and then set up their equipment so it responded to those signals occurring in the persons brain. Not just record the signal, but record and react. They set the two images up so they would then be presented in an overlapping state. One intermixed with the other.

It was Marilyn Monroe and a male celebrity who’s name I forget. The people with a little bit of practice were able to control which figure emerged into full clarity. They could make themselves see the female celebrity, or the male, with just a short period of effort and the external feedback of course. As they concentrated on the female the computer would show only the female, and vice versa. This can be done even on your own.

So they can forget that idea they liked so much. That we don’t have free will. Remember me sharing that previously? It’s now been proven to be untrue. You do have free will. It’s just harder than free won’t. So I can explore this as it relates to controlling your own mind.

Let’s go with the more common model, free won’t. The seeming random pattern of ideas that pop into your mind, they seem more or less out of control, no? They don’t resemble your conscious thought as you define it at all do they? They are still using the same part of your brain that you use for conscious thought, so they still are your thoughts but they occur because they are triggered by your perceptual make up.

May I ask for participation? Anyone have a lot of sexualized content in their random thoughts? Do you also tend to be hyper-kinetic?

Only when you asked that did I look close enough. You have a big library beneath the surface content that emerges. I am looking more for what rises to the fore naturally.

Yes, when I have energy, I also have erotic thoughts. When I am low energy/motivation, my libido disappears.

For someone who has a strong tendency to have random erotic thoughts, your sense of proprioception is amplified, ratcheted up perhaps too high. Your perception tells you you want sexual stimulation because that’s the channel of feedback you’re “resting” in. You can tune that down.

You have experienced intellectual curiosity. Ever notice curiosity seems to be centred in your visual behaviour? Someone describes something interesting and you respond, “Oh! let me look!” This is universal. In the blind, it leads to a compulsion to touch and explore tactically, because that is what occupies their visual centre.

Well, you can turn down the body sense by turning up the curiosity / visual sense. Can you be in the mood and really curious at the same time? Want to make your guy loose the mood ladies? Either ask him a question you know he responds to or make him laugh though you may have to do so repeatedly.

I’ve found when reading certain websites I will get engrossed in the topic and “lose the mood.” Yes.

I don’t particularly want to make him lose the mood. I want just the opposite. Well, that’s how it works. He won’t juggle both. He won’t be excited and having a stimulating conversation with you at the same time. It can even be considered impossible.

It’s why sex feels better in the dark…to me anyways. I’m not trying to hide. I just like having the eyes resting. Your sensory profile is defensive, and you tend to be hyper-analytical. This is also why you get in the mood easier in the dark. It stops you from being focused on how long things are taking.

That’s a perceptual profile, but shall we describe something else? Anyone have a lot of violent content turn up in their random thoughts?

Your senses are triggering violent imaginings because you feel your territory is threatened. You interpret all that noise as aggression from others. Is this mistaken? This would be how your senses affect your mind, not how you consciously think necessarily.

Yeah, I get that feeling when I walk through a neighbourhood and feel the racial divide like I don’t belong there because I don’t belong to that group. You are a try to fix things kind of person aren’t you?

Yes, maybe, I’m not sure. I like to fix when asked to. Do your random thoughts include a lot of violent imagery?

Yes. And they do for the same reason. You can turn down the hyper vigilance with sensual stimulation, and I don’t mean sexual. Ever notice how much of an impact drawing the covers up over you has when you go to bed?

Yes. What you need to do in order to control the violent imagery is focus on tactile stimuli like the feel of the breeze on your skin. Can you notice the breeze and be task focused at the same time?

No, and I do enjoy air currents. Can you feel silk and be frustrated at the same time? Jaccuzis and showers work as well.

Only if the silk gets snagged. Even when the silk gets snagged you have stopped feeling the sensation.

As strange as it sounds, using these perceptual tricks on what you previously thought of as meaningless and random imaginings will have a positive impact on your conscious mind and will begin to restructure it. You will find yourself evaluating experiences differently, judging things you encounter differently, enjoying things more that you previously ignored, as well as discovering you don’t really like some things as much as you previously did.

Ever think of your mind this way?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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