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Formative Matrix in Material Sympathy

Material Sympathy

In Taoism they speak of the “Te” or virtue of a thing. The essence of the thing as it is before we interfere with it.

It’s “nature”? Indeed, and the nature of any given thing rests in a foundation of assorted possibilities. Reality is a crooked contract with a lot of fine print that seems to serve little other purpose than to exploit us as individuals. Is that unfair to say?

Well, maybe, but does the rock have a “te” before it appears as a rock? If we knew of that “te” we might be able to speak more clearly about “reality.” (or so Plato said) The rock appears as a rock because of its Te. These natures are the creative environment in which all of reality surfaces, and because they all rest in the same foundational field, they not only shape the matter that would flow into their ranges, but they shape the form of every other nature in that range as well. Humans are possible because simians are possible. Simians are possible because lizards are possible.

This reminds me of radio receivers…. taking in energies and transmuting them into sounds. That is a very good parallel. Each protoform is more complex than any single object. You need the water to have fish.

And you could go all the way back from lizards to, perhaps, one-celled organisms. Indeed, we need “plant” single celled organisms to have complex organisms.

The same kind of continuity appears in the advancement of our technology and in our ideas, morals, etc.

If we created from an understanding of these protoforms, the foundational rhythms that give rise to whole ranges of phenomenon, than the disruptions we experience with our awkward heavy handed attempts to bend reality could be avoided. The reason sympathetic correspondences seem to make little sense, is that we expect the formative matrices to resemble the material manifestations. The formative matrix of a duck serves as the locus of any instance of a duck, and it evolves as every instance of a duck undergoes change.

It seems to me that these thoughts imply an ethic: “Thou shalt not disrupt the formative matrix.” The formative matrix of a duck would remain intact even if some quantum fluctuation were to temporarily “bi-locate” that duck. All objects are not local. It’s the formative matrix that maintains cohesion.

What if producing so much energy that you could discern the Higgs Boson actually disrupted the matrix? It would show up to scientific scrutiny, perhaps, as a strange complex of quantum entanglement. The zero point field is the substrate of these formative “footprints”, and also channels energy along a fourth dimensional axis as the matrix itself shifts with absorbed energy.

This was also a serious consideration with the first nuclear reaction as some thought it would destroy all matter.

Understand the formative matrix and we can have teleportation? Yes.

“So it’s not ‘turtles all the way down’ after all?” Or is turtles a metaphor for this matrix? In a sense, it is turtles. The turtle being the primordial potential for life and awareness. So those natural beings writ large, that shamans encounter in their trance voyages, are informed by the behavior of the natural world and express the shifting energy (mood?) of the world around the shaman.

The turtles are under the matrix? The information for turtles is under the matrix, yes.

I am also curious about the teleportation thing. Well, it’s not limited to teleportation. If your technology allowed for the preservation of the formative matrix of the real-space object you were performing the operation on, you could reconfigure its spatial coordinates, its temporal coordinates, even the forces that provide the variables that made it a mallard instead of a goose. The reconfigured duck would maintain its original consciousness, and express it to the degree that its new configuration permitted. This is the basis of reincarnation.

Is it all an issue of information in the substrate matrix, then? And thus are we all configured – and perhaps one day, reconfigured. The matrix that makes up you is a “life matrix”, and retains a persistent consciousness no matter what configuration your material form takes. The reason any other state of being is difficult to recall, is that that information has to express in the new material substructure.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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