'Material Sympathy' Chapter

Material Sympathy

Matter is just one state that energy can assume. Specifically, when energy has rest mass and can be detected as occupying a volume of space, you have matter. Persistence is only possible through ongoing processes of work or energy moving through space.

Is it at all strange to think that our “imaginary” patterns have as much basis in reality as our physical perception? I offer that what makes someone obvious delusional, is not that they react to imaginary things, but that their domain of imagination has been morphed beyond organic congruity.

Energy Moving

Today we are talking about a concept I phrased as “material sympathy”, and I’m hoping it will offer at least interesting ideas if not meaningful insights. We perceive a world that we tend to define by its apparent material compositions,… Seek More

Memory of Any Perceived Thing

Stranger still, how would you say you know an object when you see it? It compares well with other similar objects. Perceptual metaphors? Ultimately, our memory of any perceived thing is an energy pattern present in a material substrate, and… Seek More

Things Come Together

Let’s look at the molecules that come together to make up that bird. They behave in relationship to each other the same way they would if they didn’t share the environment of the birds mass. Let’s look at chemical heat.… Seek More

Degree of Deviation

Everything in our environment takes its cues from everything else. Organisms take their traits and shape in part from physical and environmental forces acting on them. Yes, that’s how the eye’s physiology came about… the interaction processes. There is DNA… Seek More

Formative Matrix

In Taoism they speak of the “Te” or virtue of a thing. The essence of the thing as it is before we interfere with it. It’s “nature”? Indeed, and the nature of any given thing rests in a foundation of… Seek More

Matter is Paint

I cannot help pondering whether this “persistent consciousness” would continue after physical “death.” Matter is a substructure, not a superstructure. Material existence is the “atomic” basis of a higher reality, and really only one such basis. Yes, so material death… Seek More

Before Matter

Like an endless kaleidoscope of being, each nexus of potential being is a being unto itself just as each cell of your body is a being unto itself. The reason they are now able to write algorithms that lets them… Seek More