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Your inner life is your outer life. Your second life is your first life. Your fantasies are your reality.

Before Matter in Material Sympathy

Material Sympathy

Like an endless kaleidoscope of being, each nexus of potential being is a being unto itself just as each cell of your body is a being unto itself. The reason they are now able to write algorithms that lets them predict market behaviour, and fairly accurately, is that there is a cohesive being behind the behaviours they are predicting, whole populations behaving as if they were single people, whole cultures.

This isn’t just a useful abstraction. It’s persistent because there is a persistent being behind it which can itself evolve “as if” it had a mind of its own. What would be the difference between the energies that express as the behaviour of individual human beings, and the energy that expresses as the behaviour of your bodies organs?

Nesting? Familiar with the biological entrainment phenomenon? Or symbiogenesis for that matter. Your heart beat and respiration tend to synch up with someone you are in sympathy with, while say a married couple are at peace with each other.

Oh yes, that’s like all the girls in the same dorm have synched menstrual cycles. Yes. Well, the same thing happens simply by identifying with a group. It’s even been recognized as a human need. We feel endangered, cut off, even “starved” if we can feel no group affiliation. How is that different from a cell?

Actually, I think a similar thing happens with males’ testosterone levels when they engage in sports. Synched, I mean. They call it “bonding”? With all that energy acting in synch, how is that different from your body’s own behaviour? The body formed, perhaps, being only “energetic”, but what is the meaningful difference between matter and energy?

I ponder individuality with the group. Well, you need your kidney cells to individuate and be kidneys. If they tried to fit in with your adrenals, you would be in serious trouble, no? And if your cells try to individuate too much, become too antisocial, well… What would that be?

Death? Cancer. Cancer is living cell tissue that has differentiated too much from the community of cells, and cancer kills because it continues to consume resources that the pro-social cells need to perform their function. That and it tries to take over additional territory to suit itself only.

Can you be social without some falling into synch with other people?

No. So even at the formative level, life needs other life to function. The hyper structure is just older than us as individuals, like an older sibling.

My whole point is this… Apparent reality has its roots and takes its form from tendencies that exist before matter does. You draw from the same pool as a gorilla does for its own traits, and you access other pools as well. To paraphrase a medieval philosopher, things that are, are not made up of things that do appear.

As above, so below? Yes.

So have I covered the material basis for sympathetic action adequately? I hope this was at least food for thought, or really food for imaginings.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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