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Matter is Paint in Material Sympathy

Material Sympathy

I cannot help pondering whether this “persistent consciousness” would continue after physical “death.” Matter is a substructure, not a superstructure. Material existence is the “atomic” basis of a higher reality, and really only one such basis.

Yes, so material death doesn’t end it. Matter is paint, a mirage over the underlying reality. Yes, it’s invisible and apparent, and it’s all the information you may be able to get from where you are at, but that’s all it is, and you will just as easily get confused or worse if you go chasing it as the meaning of life.

So if the matrix broadcasts rock and roll, the radios will not be able to play Bach with those energies? That’s true, but, remember the nested pattern I described? All forms of music are nested in the general sphere of music, and that sphere of music has a reality beyond any specific form that music takes. So let’s say you can edit reality so that up until now classical music never existed. The sphere of music could still manifest classical music to fill in the gap, like a stem cells ability to become either a brain cell or a muscle cell or something else entirely. The formative matrices have depth and, I want to say substance, but in fact it’s more like potential. It’s an established fact that when non material energy interacts, it can convert into material form. Well, these various complexes, when they interact, convert into energetic form.

What I “think” I am hearing here is that within the matrix there exists a matrix of potentiality – such that both rock and roll and classical music are “there” – potentially — just as both the rock and the human are “there” potentially. You are right, yet it goes deeper. It’s not indistinct. The music also shaped the performer. The potential for performance and the potential for music interact, as do the potential for a performer and an audience, and these co-arising entities have traits and characteristics of their own.

As do a performance and a recording of that performance? They do, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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