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You’re never bored when you play your own game. You’re bored when you play another’s game.

The Attachments in Paradox

What are the big attachments? Money is one and many find that no amount of money is enough. This is supposedly a good thing, but they make themselves miserable in the pursuit of money. Money isn’t evil but attachment to it is. The same is true of knowledge. Learning is a good thing, but there is a reason they say the more you learn the less you know. Those who call themselves educated tend to be mentally fossilized, and thus they learn themselves into a deep ignorance.

Romance. It is a blessing to be in love, but fixation on the object of your adoration can often hurt the person you claim to love. It isn’t wrong to love. It’s wrong to be fixated. It isn’t wrong to work. It’s wrong to work without purpose. Paradox.

This is why meditation is so advisable. When you are internally at peace there is no paradox, no contradiction, just mirroring. Accepting things for what they are even if your rational mind says they make no sense. Our ability to rationalize is limited, and it does very little for helping us tackle spiritual issues. Like why does horror exist? There is a discernable reason, but if you are limited to being only rational… Well, it’s a quick road to nihilism and mental illness. So often the advice is given when someone is in the grip of a powerful emotion… Be reasonable. What is reasonable? It is an absolute sense? What is rational? Sociopaths are very rational. They have a plan, a desire. They work calmly to meet that goal. All very rational.

There is a lot of emphasis of belief. Believe in God. Believe in the teachings of the spiritual masters. What about what you don’t believe? Does not believing it make it go away?

The universe is infinite. There is black and white and that’s very simple, but there is also red and green, yellow. All sorts of colors even those we can’t see. Our rational science to this day steadily defeats rationalism. It is a narrow and only somewhat useful application of the human mind.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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