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What is Adoration? in Adoration


The subject is adoration. It might seem a simple idea, also might seem a bit silly. Just something people say when they are being extra effusive, maybe?

What is adoration to you friends?

Loving completely.

Adoration is loving something or someone unconditionally.

There is a subtle difference between adore and admire. I guess adore does seem to be more like love. Whereas admiration is just the ability to appreciate the qualities of something or someone, even perhaps while not really liking them.

It seems like adoring is idealizing someone or something. I am certain people use the word to describe that attitude fairly often.

Do we as a society adore much of anything these days?

Not much beyond puppies and kittens? And some people don’t even include them.

How much or how often do you hear people talk about parts of their life that they like? What is life if you can’t be said to like any of it?

Drudgery? Perhaps worse than drudgery. We experience drudgery only in contrast to activity that inspires or energizes us. If an activity seems to make time fly and not drain us, that is not drudgery. More or less everything else is.

What does it mean to be affected by something? To have it draw emotions? We are moved to emotion either by a change of circumstances or by a change of perception, but we are mutable creatures by default. What is affection besides being affected by something?

Neuroscience has discovered that the same region of the brain responsible for recognizing a familiar face is also responsible for recognizing objects or activities we enjoy. In the case of some autistics, this region will not activate when they perceive a familiar face, but will do so normally when they are handed a beloved object. So affection is a large part of perception. Our minds naturally seek anything we might consider important, for any reason.

Self-evident in the opposite of rejection. Some old laws call it alienation of affection. Yes. They form a complimentary pair and shade into each other pretty seamlessly.

Can you say there is something in this life that you like with absolutely no exceptions?

Even the best things I wouldn’t necessarily want for extended periods. Too much of a good thing has a negative impact.

How this relates to adoration… We have a spectrum of affection, but how much of our decision making about what we like or love is conscious?

Can’t have adoration without trust. Oh indeed, especially not without trust of self.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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