'Adoration' Chapter


Adoration is the understanding of one’s own inner spiritual order. Adoration comes first, and ultimately last. For all the interviews they have done of the dying, they never wished they had kept their dignity. They all wished they had done what they loved more.

Get your temple straight, put the focus of your adoration back in order, and keep your sacred way with full faith. Your life is your ritual enacted in your inner temple. When your temple is allowed to be the temple of art or knowledge or even passion that it is meant to be, what strife could you really know? The path of temples is broad, and all may find room for expressing their adoration.

“In wonder all philosophy began, in wonder it ends, and admiration fill up the interspace; but the first wonder is the offspring of ignorance, the last is the parent of adoration” Samuel Taylor Coleridge (English lyrical Poet, Critic and Philosopher. 1772-1834)

“I adore art…when I am alone with my notes, my heart pounds and the tears stream from my eyes, and my emotion and my joys are too much to bear.” Giuseppe Verdi (Leading Italian composer of opera in the 19th century, 1813-1901)

What is Adoration?

The subject is adoration. It might seem a simple idea, also might seem a bit silly. Just something people say when they are being extra effusive, maybe? What is adoration to you friends? Loving completely. Adoration is loving something or… Seek More

Engage the Higher Powers

Adoration in its original sense was the veneration or even worship of a higher power. We still acknowledge higher powers today. Principles, if not entities, that are seen as absolute in their nature and influence. But for all these things… Seek More

Attitude is Your Prayer

You are your own temple. There is a form of worship or adoration called latria. It is the practice of making something the center of your focus. The Catholics often make the Eucharist the center of their focus, the bread… Seek More

Inner Spiritual Order

Adoration is the understanding of one’s own inner spiritual order. You start from your center, and then you arrange your channels of expression around that. Your center should be in a sense sacrosanct. Your most sacred aspect of life. But… Seek More

Our Inner Temple

The water that runs through our inner temple is the elemental will to live. We all, if only in our deepest darkest parts, have the idea that “I don’t want to die.” This spirit wells up through our inner temple… Seek More