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We are not what we do, but what we do does in many ways stem from what we are.

Attitude is Your Prayer in Adoration


You are your own temple.

There is a form of worship or adoration called latria. It is the practice of making something the center of your focus. The Catholics often make the Eucharist the center of their focus, the bread and wine.

What happens when the center of your inner temple is occupied by problems?

Anxiety, sadness, heart aches, etc. The flow of energy is blocked. This describes a great many people’s lives, does it not? Why do they worship problems? I prefer my heresy, thank you very much.

We’re supposed to admire those that suffer. I never understood that. I pity those that suffer. I do not admire them.

We’re taught adoration of anything else is silly and we admire problem solvers. Ah, we admire problem solvers? And what is their most commonly voiced “prayer”?

Everybody has heard this prayer at least at some point in their life. The prayer is “No problem!” Whatever you say needs dealing with, they say no problem, and often with great enthusiasm. There may actually be a problem, but they still approach it with the no problem attitude. Your attitude is your prayer.

That’s only when they know the solution already? It’s often even when they don’t know the solution. They have faith in their ability to figure things out. They have come to believe in their ability to make it through anything they face, and to help other people do likewise.

It is some comfort if you have experienced it before. Yes, and they often do have experience, because they are much more inclined to risk experimentation. But you are right, their faith is not unshakable. We see these people falter regularly, do we not?

You at least have a longer list of options to try to solve the problem. So as long as that list hasn’t been exhausted, you still have faith. Yes, indeed. They have faith. They even have enthusiasm, but here is where we get back to today’s subject of adoration. They don’t understand or practice adoration. Adoration is a guideline for how ones energy is best expressed. It gives proper place and voice to the inner spirit.

I have to adore the fact that my computer breaks down every few years? No, you don’t. You perhaps have to adore the reason you keep a computer in the first place, and no, your adoration doesn’t even have to be focused on objects and certainly not on problems.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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