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Meditation is intimacy with self. You are stopping and opening your awarness to “death” in the moment.

Attitude In Magickal Symbolism in Ethics


Returning to the subject of ethics, would anyone like to offer an attitude and I will relate it to spiritual and magickal symbolism.

Anger over loss.

Anger over loss is symbolized by the berserker. Some form of the berserker archetype has existed in every world culture. Translated literally it was bear shirt wearer. They were Norse warriors who believed they were empowered by the spirit of the bear in combat. They were known for flying into intense, fearless rages when their allies suffered loss. Some Chinese warriors and samurai were said to become one when they were intensely challenged.

They say history repeats itself. This is true, and the great myths and legends play out in our lives to this very day. Unless the berserker finds peace, they often come to a very bad end as they turn not only on the wrongdoer, but everyone near and dear to them as well. But the stories also show how it’s possible for this peace to be achieved. The berserker must undergo a spiritual trial or challenge, often in isolation, or less dramatically take a walk until they cool off. Take a break from their projects until they can restore themselves.

They need to find a channel for it? That’s the basis of the berserkers challenge. They are challenged by the spirits that go on to show them that the world is bigger than they are and that they will receive peace when they recognize that they have to accept it first.

Rebellious teen.

The rebellious teen. This is symbolized by the yin yang symbol. In the process of growth and maturity, the child or seed of the parent has to temporarily oppose the force of the parent before they can stand on their own. But even in their seeming opposition, they are defined by the attitudes of the parent. They have internalized the love shown by the parent and will return to these love based attitudes when they feel they have found their own center, their own point of balance.

I often notice on those silly talk shows the parents yell and pout just as much as the troubled kids does. Indeed, and it’s a waste of time.

The principle of using the yin-yang dynamic is to reflect the teens opposition. The teen in the effort to defy a yang parent will manifest yin attitudes, behave passive aggressively. The teen in an effort to defy a yin parent will develop yang attitudes, express tantrums and volatile outbursts in order to set boundaries that aren’t already there.

So if the parent counters with yang what happens? If a yin parent goes yang when their child rebels then the child retires from the challenge. When you match their pattern they feel like you have sided with them. Even if you didn’t actually endorse unacceptable behaviours, you validate their sense of identity, and the quickest way to draw out a passive aggressive child is to withdraw the temptations they pursue.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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