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All problems have there origin in the individual, and there perpetuation in communication. What you can do is see your individual part, and see to how it’s propagated.

Inner Spiritual Order in Adoration


Adoration is the understanding of one’s own inner spiritual order. You start from your center, and then you arrange your channels of expression around that. Your center should be in a sense sacrosanct. Your most sacred aspect of life. But the spirit being what it is, it needs to flow out into other facets of expression. For you, art may lead you to transcendent states of sublime rapture, but this still has to be actualized in specific fields of understanding, like literature or sculpture, music or theater. For others, science may inspire in that same all-consuming way. It’s why the divine is almost universally described as a flame. It radiates and energizes everything, and when fully expressed it unifies all the diverse aspects of life, even the least significant.

You may be a person who is inclined to talk to themselves. We all are really, just some less open about it. It’s a natural and healthy practice. Most of our understanding of life is structured in this way, but do you listen to yourself? Have you recognized any real meaning in that self-talk? Do you see any patterns? It takes seeing a pattern to recognize when the pattern in marred.

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I talk to my spirits, but I’m not sure if they answer back. Excellent. They answer back inside you. They use the same equipment your brain does to present pictures to you.

Let’s say I have a canvas covered in paint smears. If I smear my hand across this canvas, could you say whether it was marred or not? Did I damage anything?

Not if you liked the new effect. Adored it even, but you still couldn’t tell as a secondary observer. You couldn’t see my reason for doing it.

Now if I smeared my hand across one of those elaborate Tibetan mandalas, could you tell if I damaged it? Why is that?

Is that why they do that purposefully? It is exactly why.

The pattern is disrupted. Ok. Now your own spirit, your own capacity for love, it has a pattern. It has clear behaviors and manners of expression, and tends to spread around your environment, perhaps rather like a mandala, no? You aren’t the only creator of this pattern. Everything you love and everything you do is part of the process that forms this pattern. Now if this pattern was just created by you, anything you did to change it would be powerless to disrupt the flow of your life.

People even use mandalas to express spirit. They do indeed. People see a pattern in you when they see something you did as being out of character. Is it their life flow that gets disrupted in that case? Not strictly theirs, yours also. All events are shared experiences. The difference is only in what part of their pattern was disrupted.

If we see our love and everything we do as similar to a mandala, as being all about impermanence, then we should allow our love and actions to flow, knowing that nothing is lasting. Something is lasting, the stillness. The stillness is not empty. You perceive stillness when you are involved in things that make you see a full picture of life, that leave you to take in the big picture rather than any specific situation.

And that which we say and do and love. All has an impact, and changes the things around us. Yes. What I hope to illustrate today is just more clarity of discernment. You can have autonomy or authority but not both. What do people look for in today’s society most often? Autonomy. They have been sold a false bill of goods.

There is no middle ground? There can be, and one cannot have absolute autonomy or authority. No more than one can have absolute power. So we all ultimately fall somewhere in the middle there, but do you personally know where you yourself stand?

In relation to certain people, one or the other, or a combination of the two. In life in general, I am autonomous. Ah, then you must find relationships very frustrating.

I get the most agitated when I feel I have lost control over my own freedom. You must find self-expression equally frustrating.

Most people will express opinions that orient on autonomy, but this is perhaps a totally different subject than today’s topic. My apologies. We were speaking of adoration, so back to the mandala…

We experience personal integrity to the degree that we preserve some sense of perspective in our adoration. It’s when we begin to revere false divinities, what are for ourselves as individuals a set of false gods, that our life begins to lose meaning. The outer powers have to remain on the outer fringe. The central powers have to remain at the heart, and in this way the picture remains whole.

False god like the controlling partner? That is one example, yes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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