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Sense of Alienation in Alienation


First let’s establish what alienation is to everyone’s understanding. For those who are up for it, share what you understand alienation to be. Perhaps you are experiencing some sense of alienation from that request.

Feeling like a visitor no matter where you are.

Not feeling understood.

Not a part of the process.

Feeling excluded… apart from.

How common is a sense of alienation for our society in general?

The fact that we always refer to ‘them’ would imply a great deal.

Given the current living conditions, feeling alienated is the standard, each of us in our own space, moving in and out without connection to neighbours. Going to and from work, many working in segregated offices or cubicles, little interaction with any others. Indeed. How does this affect us in general? Are we better off? Worse off?

Sad, lonely, not worthy.

Depression and affects our health as a result.

Like we are on a desert island within a sea of humanity.

How well can we be said to really understand something if we have never had contact with it? Does our educational system put us in touch with the world?

It teaches things without giving experience for the most part, so no.

We are taught to be sheeple, to do as told, speak when spoken to, think as we are taught.

And how best do you control a herd animal?

I work in an elementary school. We do the restitution method. Restitution method?

Express your feelings and work out the issue and not blame each other and not let anyone feel left out. Ah, is this something your school system full endorses?

Yes. Innovation, pleased to hear it.

It works to some extent, but teaching is still a listen and learn experience in the larger classroom setting. Well, arguably under perfect circumstances both the teacher and the student listen and learn, just different thing being learned.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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