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Truth is a reality checking process in the mind. It can operate in a healthy fashion, or get twisted, or can just be totally eschewed for a strictly relativistic artifice that excuses any stance as just what’s in fad of the mental moment.

Enjoy the Simulator in Cognitive Analysis and Materialism


Are we talking about differing “states” of mind? Or are we talking about different “styles” of thought? Or any, or all of the above? Or are we talking about mechanical/neural processes? We are talking about something people don’t normally talk about, the “self” behind states of mind. This self can function within the environment of mechanical and neural processes, and it has a deeper understanding of data as a whole as well.

The ghost in the machine? In a sense. It understands that it is part of an ongoing exchange of information and what it actually means, what is intended by all this activity.

There are countless processes that we initiate while we are busy computing, yes? But is the process the same as the reason why we triggered it? The process is triggered for reasons that are “meta” to the software’s actual code. And while the software must conform to the operating language it runs on, are we really confined by the “rules” of that process? Is the reason for the process really to be found directly in the process?

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There is a CPU, the eye of Ra or Odin if you prefer, the Buddhist single pure light. It’s much more accessible than it seems. People just think about it strangely. The reason our mind makes those seemingly irrational shifts is that an adjustment needs to be made to the integrity of the mind itself, expansion or re-absorption of some previous extension.

I have noticed that no matter how drunk, or how crazy, or how stoned, or how feverish I might me or how crazy I might feel, or how irrational I might be, there is always some part of me (some part of my mind?) that can “see” the situation clearly. What is that? The eye. It’s actually a full blown avatar. It contains the information that forms the morphic field your body grows in, and just as it holds the blueprint for your organic “evolution”, it also has control of your psychic energies. It is not your brain, but it did form your brain and maintains your brain, short of personal confusion setting in.

And it seems always to be accessible, if I will just turn to it. It is, if you like, reality. That is the real you. The rest is just communications hardware. You will notice it doesn’t talk. It doesn’t even think in a way you would recognize. Again why psychic energy flows seem so weird, and it interprets everything in a way that makes sense to it, not to the “you” that you have learned to be.

The systems in the brain are a form of artificial intelligence, if you will, perfectly natural and necessary for dealing with living as you do, but not sources of “THE TRUTH.” If that’s even a concern at all, it’s to be found in the infrastructure of reality itself, and it’s really not that important. If somehow the truth could manifest physically in our reality, it would seem like a grain of sand, a bit of fuzz blowing on the wind, the mess left over from a cranky hacker’s snack.

I tend to prefer the pragmatic to the “True.” I like the creative work myself.

No wonder the garbage collector on Dilbert is the enlightened one. Indeed.

Enjoy the simulator. It’s really state of the art.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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