The act of speaking to spirits doesnt change the spirits. It changes you. Act as if you were they, and you will have their power.

Keeping it Real in Alienation


There is an unwritten rule that seems to govern society in this day and age, and really has for a long time now. “Real life” … “The real world” … “In touch with reality.” There is an unofficial edict that we maintain connection to something that gets labeled real life. Are we succeeding at that?

I stopped trying.

All of that is deemed ‘objective’, nothing can be subjective and hence we can’t connect.

What does someone who is “keeping it real” act like?

Logical. I think “keeping it real” has become an excuse for expressing what you want without consideration of others, in many cases. Yes. It doesn’t matter if something should happen to hurt your feelings, that’s just about you and you should suck it up and get on with the program. Isn’t this generally the rule? What leads us to believe that this real life is more real than the experiences we have of our individual lives?

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We’ve turned into voyeurs. Catalog shoppers.

It is conforming to the expectations of what others think you should behave like, think, or express and not sharing what is in your heart, your individuality, and truly connecting with people as yourself.

What can we have of life that this so called real life is actually the source of?

Experience. Experience as it’s structured by the social unspoken consensus?

But if you aren’t engaging as yourself, how can you experience? If you are playing a part, because that is what is expected, how can you truly experience something?

Do we generally judge having read a book or watched a movie as being real life experience?

No. Why not?

Sometimes it feels like it.

Yes, it’s called learning. What you gain from that book or movie, becomes a part of your internal data base.

I think you could if it is story you relate to.

Why is related experience an acceptable substitute for having had the experience personally?

Whether you have experienced it or not, you obtain perspective on how others handled it. You internally decide how you would handle that situation or if that information can be useful in other situations you may experience.

For many it’s not and they have apprentice programs to learn. There used to be more of that.

Would you say people’s frames of reference in today’s world are strong and stable things?

Not generally, they are usually fluid because there is always a plethora of new information coming in.

What makes educated young men go into public places and start shooting people?

Internal conflict. People blame this stuff on internal conflict. There is just something broken in their heart and mind. So these things spontaneously arise?

I have a copy of an exhaustive and well thought out philosophical essay in support of nihilism. The young man spent a great deal of time completing this work, and finished his effort standing on the front step of a church where he blew his own brain out. Why did that happen?

He erased meaning from his life? Data, information. We live in a world where we believe presentation is everything. This is what they mean in business when they say location is everything, never mind substance. It’s the superficial connections that give you control, leads to “success.” Is this unfair to say?

I’m not sure I understand how that makes a person create horror. They don’t create it. They act it out.

They want to be noticed? So the shooting is the finale? There is no other logical way in their mind? They want to be “real.” Everyone wants to be real. Does our education and socialization allow for that? Support that?

We are expected to fill a mould and not be real.

When the “prestige” comes, as stage magicians call it, we all wind up seeing the little man behind the curtain. The hollow withered thing that is pulling all the levers and making all the puppets dance.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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