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Reality as it was defined is coming unglued. I am not afraid of that, exhilarated.

Affiliation and Alienation in Alienation


In general, we live in a state of alienation, even here in the virtual world of Second Life, the whole anonymity thing that makes people so exploitative on-line.

Do we? Or does the anonymity allow us to truly be who we are without fear of retribution? Good question, and I wager that in fact what seems like alienation on-line is just the overt presentation of things as they already exist in real life. Ever allow yourself to notice much of the conversations that take place in public these days?

There is lots of gossip, saying stuff to your companion that they never would to the persons face. My wife and I recently heard a younger woman loudly ask her male partner, “ARE YOU STUPID?” The reason being? He apparently couldn’t recall if he had seen a movie being sold in the checkout line.

I was just about to post some gossip about my sister in law. Yes? Cause well, she does that often to her son and husband in public. She doesn’t care who else might be around. Now her son is growing up with the habit.

In general, the ‘niceties’ and common courtesy of past generations is being lost. And how many people talk about private matters on their cell phone in a crowd. Indeed and often not at all courteously to the other person on the line.

We need to look at the person who may be designated, like bi-polar or autism. We do not know if they are and cannot pass judgement. I myself am autistic, and while navigating those situations can be tricky for me, there is still something that distinguishes me from the current state of the social world, perhaps a sense of rules and order if no true understanding or natural empathy.

Also, many people aren’t taught the social cues that they were in the past, so the ‘cheat sheets’ for people that don’t instinctively notice them, aren’t able to anymore.

So, is alienation an entirely bad thing?

It is if it is too prevalent.

It depends on if you are choosing it for yourself, or it is being heaped on you.

Sometimes, it’s just knowing when to let yourself remain distant.

Well, alienation from those who do you harm isn’t bad.

We can choose to alienate and be alone, so I guess no.

Let’s look at its complimentary state, affiliation. Do people feel no sense of affiliation these days?

I think we are starting to affiliate with our spirituality or maybe rediscovering it.

Most have some sense, whether it is a game they play with others, a fan club they like, etc.

I have seen many people seek it and settle for it in situations where they may not have chosen to, but are at a loss to find it elsewhere.

These days people frequently affiliate themselves with sports teams, organized religious institutions, political parties, schools of philosophical thought, even brand names, specific brands of clothes or tools, just about anything really. Some people affiliate themselves with Apple products, or music bands, really no shortage of this is there?

So how can we connect ourselves to so many things and still have so much alienation?

Not connecting with people one on one.

Because we are not ‘connecting’, but merely pronouncing affiliations.

Too much material connection.

Keeping things superficial, instead of a deeper level.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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