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There is much truth behind jokes. The joke of the divine trickster is that he’s serious.

All Too Easy in Direction


Ease is not unwholesome. The way forward is not through a brick wall. Stress is an unnatural state to be in very often.

In nature nothing tries to do anything. Seeming struggle is really just an orientation period after nature inspires a new phase in life, yet to have merit in a human world one must be willing to “work hard”. They must have sacrificed much to earn whatever they seek to obtain. Humans sacrifice and them blame that urge on uncaring beings, be they divine or infernal. These beings don’t care, because sacrifice is a human delusion that leads to social injustice and disharmony, murder and even war.

The powers that shaped this world shaped it for man, and now man blames the givers because they are greedy with the gift. Humans profess to fear at being played with by supernatural powers. The only ones playing any inhumane games are human.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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