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Perhaps all the moralism, and all the self sanctified enlightenment is in its way the biggest fuel for the evils they themselves deride?

Attachment vs. Connection in Gratitude


Who is free of all attachments? I am not free of connections, but in your thinking, I am free of attachments.

I officially have no role. My life is very humble. It is not bad. I do not suffer from these facts. When I suffer is when I think that these attachments, these roles, define meaning or my self worth. I am existing in what people would call a void, and what would make that hell is not the void itself, but bigotry, prejudice, mine or another’s.

People try to reach me. Some come to me in peace and for a time they linger with me. But my life has taught me that though they are with me, they also are not. They will go as they came, and this is not bad. I am not bad, and they are not bad. Life is real, and it doesn’t need my attachments to be real.

Do we know people that are with no attachments? Could be you do. Children. They have connections, but they don’t have attachments. They can’t form them. Psychology even considers that a benchmark when they learn how to form attachments. I see it as a sign of damage. Perhaps the first emotional scar.

Or a way to identify who they are? Yes. They are shown that as the one right path. The one right way. Mommy or Daddy are right, and it doesn’t matter what the child’s intuition says. What their inner nature inclines them to.

Attachments are damaging to us to the value we place on them. Value. It’s an interesting question. You can argue anything and anyone is without value and have it make total logical sense. They call that philosophy nihilism. But even if you embrace nihilism, then even the argument that nothing has meaning or value has no meaning or value. If you fancy yourself logical, finish the idea.

Still mind, as you call it, is a connection too? Yes. The mind mirrors the world, imperfectly for the most part.

If your home is an attachment, then in what form is it damaging? Your home is a connection. It’s only an attachment when you fear to leave it. Otherwise, it’s a touch stone, a meeting place and a joy. Not damaging.

I do not fear to leave my home out of free will, but being forced to leave it when there is no replacement is another matter. It is a lie to say you need no shelter. I have been homeless, and hungry. But in my most wasted state, sleepless from the cold, or in constant pain from sun burn, these were not the foremost thing on my mind. Of all my physical needs, the one I missed most was human contact, love, just a friendly smile.

We can get very bottom line here for those that prefer that. There are those who don’t like their truth gentle. It is the truth gentle or hard, for me it was mostly hard. So that friendly smile meant food. It meant water. It meant shelter, if only temporarily. Humanity creates, and it can and does withhold.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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