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Not feeling resistant to where I am brings peace.

Be Here in Now


Sin was originally a Greek term measuring the deviation of an arrow from a target, and it didn’t originally have other meaning. Sin was simply error, but error arises from the realm of the mortal. From the realm of the external and transitory now. In the event that was your advent there was no error, and could be none, and it is timeless.

On a certain level there are no errors, the wizard is impeccable. Yes, but we are asked questions, and in current spiritual circles it’s seen as virtuous to say “I don’t know“. To claim an agnostic sense is almost to claim Buddha hood. Did the Buddha actually claim he knew nothing, and could know nothing? One can fall into sophistry, and yes it can seem to be justified in the cycles of life and nature, but even in nature there is an event horizon that set up the cycle. Are we for some reason separated from that? There is a knowing, and it can be acted upon.

What event horizon? You could take it to any religion or mythology. The advent of the soul, and it is a timeless advent, but it isn’t a purposeless advent.  Everyone familiar with black holes, at least loosely? And the event horizon, which is the apparent border? I say apparent and not actual, because the black hole doesn’t occupy a concrete place in space/time. It can’t, but you “present” yourself here now. Your presentation is your presence in the external now. In any given transitory situation, you know.

It is still duality though if you stand far back? The external now is your event horizon. It’s the visible light halo around an infinity, and it by itself doesn’t exist, and left merely to observation it is not a reflection of your depths. This isn’t a duality. It’s a limitation of human awareness, and the limitation is arbitrary.

Our minds set it up? Yes.

Small self can’t see very far. Yes, but in the context of the large self, other selves still exist. In my larger self, I don’t absorb you, but I am not “different” from you. Because we are both infinite, how can the infinite be different from itself?

Well, a finger is not a toe. And yes, a finger is not a toe. So though we aren’t different, differentiation has its place. It serves its purpose, and our purpose is in it.

Are you saying that the eternal now is individual too? Yes.

Paradoxically we are all different, just like everyone else. Yes, but in seeking a homogenous unity, we deny our purpose, and the actuation of our part of the infinite. We are differentiated for a reason.

Each of us is a universe? Yes, and like the membrane theory in cosmology. Within a universe, or not? Yes, a universe within a universe, and our relating to the other as other is not the error. We are meant to have others to relate to. It’s the actuating process. My relating to my partner as other than me is not spiritual short sightedness, if anything it’s reverence.

So first we find the individual eternity, then that actuates our part of the universal eternity? Potentially, or we experience the interplay of ourselves with others. A sort of dancing with Shiva, and even the destructive cycles serves. If you meet the other in contention it is sacred. This is said even in the Bhagavad Gita. If you meet the other in peace, it is also sacred. Both are truth.

The thing most people have forgotten is that it’s all sacred? Yes. You would free yourself of the great mother and declare yourself transcended? How would this be possible? Would you free yourself of your own heart and declare that you truly live? The universe is whole, and you do know. You are not lost, just perhaps not listening, and the answer isn’t cling or reject. Refusal to experience attachment is an attachment. You are now, and the external nows are not now. They are all late. They are your brains interpretation. You would know liberation? Stop seeking it. You would know yourself? It’s very simple. You are now, and all that you feel, all that you see, all that you think, comes from you. What is all this “I don’t know”? And why do you really believe others don’t know? Perhaps we all know? And should see and do? Be here?

In my now, I know what I will do, and in your nows you know the worth of what I have shared with you. I mean this from my now. I normally say be well, but today I will say be here. Be here fully and let wellness be.

Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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