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Absolute truth speaks in silence, and none can fail to heed it’s voice.

Be Who You Are in Humour


Humour can help us let go. This is why it heals. It makes us take pain less seriously and in fact as strange as it may sound, if it still hurts that’s a good thing. You’re still alive. You can still feel and grow. We laugh at things because they aren’t a real threat. We should laugh more.

Really think on this. What if there are no problems? And there is no enemy anywhere?

I recently saw ‘Dark Knight’ and there was a quote in it I like. I don’t like it’s normal counterpart. They say ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger‘. I disagree. That stronger state is just more dead, more inanimate and unresponsive to the world. The quote from the movie was ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stranger’. That is true. So why don’t we let it out? Why not be genuinely what we are? Even if it’s genuinely silly? Who ever died from being silly?

In fact the movie had a lot to say about this very subject. The joker and batman are spiritual brothers. The question is balance. Will you be for life or against? Will you live or exist in living death? And when you’re thinking about this, remember to ask yourself in all things, ‘why so serious?’.

Remember the joy of children. They see adults being serious and it scares them, as rightfully it should. Growing up to me seems in a lot of ways to be more of a growing psycho. If we were to let ourselves be silly, be crazy, what would it do? If we fell apart. What would that mean? Maybe just being how we are is the right thing. Maybe growing up was to be nothing more than accepting the changes we were going through? And accepting what we learned, but going on with our lives like we were naturally inclined? What would happen if we grew up like that?

Regrettably in today’s world if you walked up to a stranger and gave them a big hug you would get charged with assault. But why is it that way? And yet we can freely insult each other. People fear me, but not because I’m a criminal or threaten them or am even rude or abusive. I’m just different, and I failed to pick up a lot of the training in life. I’m “disabled”.

They say god giveth and god taketh away. Including you. So why do we try to hold things? We have everything and nothing. And are happy or fearful based on which view we choose. But in the end there is one bench mark for truth. Truth sets us free. If I gave you a billion dollars, all in single bills, on a windy day. Could you hold it? Not likely.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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Your Insights on “Be Who You Are”

  1. Brother Gi

    I agree with you fully that humour can be healing and freeing. It’s a way of reminding ourselves and others that the universe is simply an illusion – even if we don’t always consciously recognise that that’s why we laugh.

    I wonder if some humour can be harmful though? I’m still undecided about that.

    Brother Gi

  2. Jeff

    Good call on Batman, I was wondering if anyone else noticed.
    Where ther is no laughter, there is no God is a saying I have. That is a good way to measure people and places, meetings ect. If everybody in the place looks somber, run, Forest, ruunnnn.

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