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The consensus reality is the lie.

Choose What You Will in Taboo


If someone says you hurt my feelings, what is the way to balance it? Give them a hug? If someone hurts your feelings, the imbalance is in you, and I have hurt someones feelings by giving them a hug before. Even made them cry and no physical force was involved.

Look at why your feelings were hurt. That is one of your taboos. It has nothing to do with them. This seeing into your own pain will tell you what to do, which is sometimes confrontational, though very often not.

Someone else’s hurt feelings aren’t my fault. Exactly. I can tell someone I really like brussel sprouts and they can get very upset about that.

Sometimes it can be, but not always. It’s ultimately not, but if she ignores the nature of the exchange she is having with another, ignores who they are, then she is breaking agreement with them on the basic level. You cannot live to please others, and they will not live to please you. Those who live to please others actually punish others. Those who live to better the world, tyrannize it. Those who live to save souls feed the fires of the sins they seek to extinguish. Those who live to educate others blind the eye to the truth and deafen the ear to wise words.

Many times they are looking for someone to follow. If you are always pleasing them, you rob them of that. Exactly. If night didn’t follow day, all life on this planet would die, and quickly.

You have only ever learned in your moments of foolishness. The light you seek is where you will not look. The fear you hide from is in your hiding spot. That lonely point of view in your mind, where you think that maybe you are the only one who really understands.

The taboo is not your master, and you honour the sacred not by leaving it untouched but by knowing it intimately. Acknowledge your agreements and your rules and restrictions. Know them deeply and intimately, and then choose what you will this day knowing that all your choices are in keeping with the one truth you have to live.

You can know it with out completely living it. Yes, that’s true. You can know it without completely living it, but when you completely live it, you realize that it’s not an either this or that situation. Your heart will rebel against being made to do what hurts it. Your heart will also rebel against any false purity that hurts another. In a refusal to be weak, you slap the hand of the child who only seeks a loving embrace. In a refusal to feed the self, you deny others the strength of your being to come to their aid. You rip a hole in the world when you try to fix anything in it.

So we shouldn’t try to fix anything? Actually, it’s a paradoxical situation, because it’s the idea that something needs fixing that made it break in the first place. The ideals you might have about what is the greatest good will inevitably be self serving and short sighted. When you are hungry, eat. When you are sad, cry. When you are asked, help. Are rules necessary for these things?

People are scared of virtual world Second Life drama likes it’s a plague. Second Life drama is a foolish taboo. Avoiding it I mean. You have a chance to help someone heal here. In this place where people relax into disbelief, they can discover true spirit, but it always starts ugly. To use the Christ as an example, his life started as a suspected infidelity. He was born in a way that his culture saw as impure, and his efforts were originally seen as foolishness, even lies. He didn’t walk in the light of his peoples temple. He didn’t accept the shelter of his culture or do what was accepted. He walked in darkness and brought light.

Don’t shun your dark side. Don’t lose yourself in your dark side. The real light is beyond what people consider wise. Consider the ugly part of your life. Your trash can also be your treasure. Small seeds start huge trees.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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