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The consensus reality is the lie.

Commercialized Celebration in Celebration


Now we celebrate fads, celebrity hedonisms and psychosis. Vulgar force excercised to secure resources at the cost of life, in the name of “freedom”. Anything else we celebrate?

Sports? Oh, yes. We celebrate mans most basic abilities. Which could be good, but we think it’s evidence of mans superiority over nature. They think mountain climbers conquer mountains. It is ok to like sports, and they have a very old origin. But if the reverence for human athleticism is based on delusion, then what?

My boyfriend was telling me that when you play sports it takes you out of your head. That’s why he likes them. You have to concentrate and the chatter is gone. Actually, that was the original purpose of all celebration. To take us back to first consciousness, out of our distractible heads.

We are all adults here, mind if I get a little r-rated? Sexuality has always played a part in celebration to the point of early pagan celebrations being almost pervasively orgiastic. The original view is that fertility was something humanity had to remain aware of, and they saw no separation between human fertility and any other form. Even in the early renaissance, the great thinkers of that time were also often highly sexualized people. Often because they were either partially in sympathy with pagan values or active practitioners of them. It was even the origin of the medieval black mass. They adopted all the reversed Christian imagery as a way of psyching themselves up, making themselves feel safe to re-engage the celebration of fertility.

We have two basic instincts. We speak of them contemptuously today, but they are the basis of all human behaviour and the modern era being no exception. To eat and thus more generally to hunt, and to mate and thus more generally to form pair bonds and family units. We will ignore our own safety for either of these.

Hence celebration revolves around family and food. Yes, but has lost the spirit, the instinct, the intuitive wisdom it once conveyed to us. Celebration has become “commercialized”. Industrialized.

We are now supposedly in the information age. We moved to it from the nuclear age as we were forced to comprehend that our industry could have non material but still very real outcomes. Most people still can’t actually fathom how a nuclear reactor works, but would suffer greatly if it lost power. So instead, they have tried to turn the industrial philosophy into a renaissance, an information age. It’s a step backward, but also off the path. Thus this elaborate economy that was supposedly going to lead to the utopia envisioned in the ideal of progress has failed. It will not recover. I am not saying that human industry has ended, nor that it’s even absolutely wrong, but we have lost our lives even while living them. We have lost our celebration, our awareness of meaning.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


Side note. I was reading on my own condition earlier today, and one authority defined autistic thought as seeing everything subjectively, nothing objectively. Nothing as having significance beyond the individual. This is interesting speculation, but in my experience this supposed objectivism is an aberration, a delusion. There is no evidence that man can perceive anything in any other way than subjectively. Perhaps in my case, I just see the subjectivity too well. So I have too many things to consider when pursuing the decision making process, and I struggle with understanding others because I am really paying attention.

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