Life is first the step you take, and then the ground you tread upon.

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And the time shall come when you shall go deeper than your words, deeper than your thoughts, when you shall and must transcend your little personality self to enter the abode of the hearts love. There, my brother must you tarry for a period and experience all the flame of the heart, and there, as you enter deeper into that flame, shall all that is not of the one life, be burned away.

And then, according to your surrender shall you gradually pass into the great heart of life and know and melt into the flame of all flames. This is your glorious destiny, this is the vision to be held before your inner eye, this is your strength in these tumultuous, frenetic times.

My dear friend, beloved brother, the great river is gathering speed and carrying all before it, even the flotsam and jetsam, the filth and the corruption of generations, even as world-encompassing ethereal currents are sweeping in, the pure winds of Aquarius, purifying and expunging from Earth the dross and the results of the gross mishandling by man of his own nature and that of the planet. And so my brother, I say; be not afraid for yourself or your dear ones, for catastrophe is necessary to cleanse once more the planet, to uplift it and those countless numbers of spiritually awakened souls (if such could be said of the soul which is all light and eternal) into a higher vibration of life. Therefore cleave to your hearts flame, the fire of your high inner self, your God-Self and commune daily or whenever possible with your God-Self in the cave of your heart and upon the alter in the shrine of your higher mind where lies the third eye and know that in this you are ever aided and supported.

Be, my brother, in this time of vast change, like the trees and the long grasses which sway and bend with the wind resisting not its cool and at times its cold embrace. Hold up your face to the blazing sun and ask the sun Lord to let your soul reflect some small portion of His fire; be open indeed to the sun, wind, rain and storm of the spirit life. Flow as the stream to the river and the river to the sea, and there melt into the great ocean of cosmic being, not lost in this vastness, but as a radiant flame amongst others in a oneness and fusion beyond finite comprehension.

This is your destined time for which you came to build the temple of the shining spirit the foundations of which you did lay in previous lifetimes, mightily strong and four-square and soon. As you orient yourself more and more to the Lord of the inner Sun and your own high spirit self, shall you then fit the translucent capstone to your edifice, your temple of light and your task in this round shall be complete after which the higher ways of cosmic service will open for you.

You shall stand upon the mountain summit of initiation and clasp in your hands the holy grail and drink freely thereof and feel the falling star dust upon your shining face. Live in peace with all that you are, and with all that is and be ever as serene as the calm waters of a mountain lake reflecting as a burnished lens, only beauty and truth.

Robert Gresak, South Africa
Guest Blogger
Dragon Intuitive

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