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Atheists often make a god of humanistic ideals, and in their zeal perpetuate the same crimes they attribute to faith.

Computer Screen of the Self in Cryonics


Now as for whether we are already living in a computer simulation…

There is a facet of physics that would suggest we are not. Physics is proving to defy the nice symmetrical model they are looking for. Now what happens when you introduce asymmetry into any given vector of motion?

Erratic path? Go in circles? Actually, just a curved path. Gradual deviation that leads to an almost bubble like shape over time.

Consciousness itself is non-Euclidian. You perceive things to be progressing, your awareness to be growing, and although that is not a falsehood, the lines of progress are not open ended. They curve back and intersect with each other. Each of the points where these subtly deviating paths intersect is a “new life.”

There aren’t actually any new lives, and those paths not only cross each other but they loop back on themselves forming something like a sphere. This sphere is non-local so cannot be transferred between mediums like a discrete component could. The vectors of consciousness do describe a point at their center, and this point never loses that relationship so it never incarnated in the first place. Just opened a sector of its memory and began running a simulation, or observation if you prefer.

So, ambient vectors, non-incarnate, simply “available” and everywhere? Exactly. It’s the path you believe your “self” to be moving on, and its why you don’t perceive yourself to be on rails in the first place.

Is this random? The tracking, also known as pathworking? No, not at all random. You are deliberately reading it, and it’s no more on rails than your own participation in a “real world” reading experience is. We read worlds. Bodies are bookmarks, lives are chapters. How this relates to cryonics is there is a potential communication breakdown.

In order to return a consciousness to a previous point, it would be necessary to keep a link, a channel, like the carrier signal used in telephones. The carrier signal doesn’t contain any information, but it supports the transportation of the actual information.

So for cryonics to work they need to devise a way to keep this link? Yes. Consciousness is non-computational, non-discrete, and superficially analogue.

Could this link perhaps be maintained using some ‘old school’ methods like meditation, rituals etc. during the transformation? Yes it could. Finding the OM.

The way Buddhists monks keep the body ‘alive’ after death. Yes. Their “dead” body is still meditating.

Explain “non-discrete” in this context please. Unitary. There are no units of consciousness. You can’t count elements of it.

One without an other? More like one and the other being just the big one.

We all tap into a continuum of consciousness? Yes. Consciousness is the computer screen of the self, and we access a network of possible worlds.

No discrete compartments. But yes, it’s not compartmentalized.

Now so far there is a fair amount of griefing in this network, but perhaps that will fall out of fashion? Who knows…

Hunger for attention? Yes. Actually, it is more or less what Buddhists say makes people return to the “great wheel.”

Hunger for attention? Yes. The one who has found enlightenment is absorbed in giving attention, no time or desire to seek it, recognizing all points of attention as parts of the one being.

I still think I’ll have my body cremated and ashes thrown into my favorite skinny-dipping creek. Going with the flow, as it were. Sounds like a fine idea to me.

I think I’d rather come back in a new body, than try to save the old broken down one. That’s why I asked the earlier question, what portion of matter is necessary to retain consciousness?

Assuming we find a way to maintain the linkage you spoke of, will it not disrupt any other order? No disruption, just switching. No more disruption than a software file transfer disrupts your own computer.

“Embodiment” is very important to my identity and self-worth, I feel. What if ash retains consciousness? What if the gas that was in your bloodstream retains consciousness? What if every element of your metabolism retains consciousness?

Then consciousness is everywhere. So you take up being a patch of ground for a while physically. That has no impact on dreaming, the electrical activity is still there.

And become a tree! Trees look an awful lot like neurons.

There would be adjustment required in that. All things in good time. There is a reason our brain makes that up in the first place.

I think we will be amazed at what humanity can adapt to.

Till next time friends, be well and enjoy being. Your thoughts are welcome.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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