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We are adapted to the technology we use, for better or worse. The freedom of the internet is giving society a nice headache. They messed up and gave the “tribal Shaman” types a way to reach a lot of people easily. Leave a comment on any of our posts or pages, or send us an email at dragonintuitive at It’s great to hear from you. :smile:

Travis does not offer individual one on one consulting. However, if you find the insights helpful on this site, we invite you to join our group ‘One World, Many Paths’ and attend our on-line events in Second Life. There are topic focused events as well as general chat discussions where you can share interactively with others. There are no costs for the classes, however tips to support the operation of the island are appreciated. Genuine seekers and open minds are welcome.  Entrance fee is courtesy and respect for all.

Dragon Intuitive is expanding it’s online presence so you can easily keep in touch through the various social networks. Our group ‘One World, Many Paths’ in Second Life is our primary home for interactive discussion, and you can join us at:

Law of equivalent exchange. If you would attain, you must expend something of equivalent value. If you would like to link to us from your website, banners are available. Enjoy!

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