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Walls don’t always block. They can funnel, intensifying the flow of the river.

Daily Horror in Horror


We have a sense of what is right and feels safe, even pleasant, but this rarely inspires stories.

The root of religious story is horror, those moments when we are made to understand that the world isn’t human hearted, that granny can have hurtful intentions, and that the minister might be willing to force himself on young boys.

You live horror stories on a daily basis. How many Monday stories do you have?

Garfield hates Mondays. He gets a pie in the face.

Last Monday was pretty horrific.

Monday for me = fear of work.

That would all be horror, but it isn’t as dramatic as we imagine horror can be, is it? It’s actually better to be terrified than numb. If you are terrified, you know everything is still there and you are still alive. It reminds you that things are real and not just persistent memories.

In the remake of Piranha, the body horror was done with computer graphics and, well… A couple of shock moments haunted me for days. The horror comes in some of those movies when you intuit that something like that could really happen, like a small fish chewing your eye out of the socket. Even worse, that you can survive having both of your eyes eaten, a lifelong fear of the dark from then on.

I consider horror movies to be what people tell me cartoons are for them. But yes, the stories, and I mean the personal stories… We tell ourselves horror stories daily. We can’t help it. Our minds naturally elaborate on, “What could happen?” Anyone want to share one of these daily stories?

World economy, the environment.

Failure in the work place.

Market crash, another depression, currency devalued.

Those phrases are stories in few words. There is the automatic recognition. These are horror stories because of the revulsion we feel, the sense that they absolutely should not happen.

There’s a light on in the empty house next door. Yes. Even something as subtle as that triggers a sense of terror that can lead to horror especially when you see some grubby crack head leaving the home carrying the strangest stuff.

My partner’s anger logic scares me. I see an awful future when it kicks off. That is psychological horror, and really far more intense than simple visceral horror.

How much of your day isn’t horror?

I’m thinking a lot of my day is horror.

Now how much of the horror proves true?

None, or hardly any.

Do these stories leave us unmarked, despite not having happened?

You got me there. I guess I should learn to fear the mundane that follows it.

What would you say was the opposite condition of horror? Ecstasy, though they are not diametrically opposed. In ecstasy, you transcend any fear as no single outcome seems definite or definitive. In ecstasy, nothing is ever over or beginning, and we experience a lifetime in a matter of minutes.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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