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Empty can be good. I like space in myself, breathing room.

Dragon Solstice in Podcasts

Dragon Solstice ceremony and celebration excerpts recorded on Reflection Island in Second Life. Join the group ‘One World, Many Paths’ to attend Vampirekiss Fairey’s Events in real time and subscribe to One World Pod.

Dragons are perhaps the most clearly universal spirit of the world itself. It’s sort of a mystery really if taken from a materialistic view, but some form of winged reptile has always been a symbol of the earth or of rivers which are the life flows of earth.

The Celts had a surname for their kings. It was Pendragon, meaning Dragon King. The land was a dragon and the king had to respect it. The son of heaven was the “Dragon Emperor”.

Earth Elemental Tower

Dragon Solstice Celebration

Podcast music provided by subscribe to One World Pod: Dragon, Kourosh Dini

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Dragon Intuitive

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