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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

Either Sacred or Profane in Profane


How long can you keep your eyes fixed to your ideals? How rigidly can you hold to your beliefs?

Until life gets a little rough.

I don’t know. My beliefs are changing all the time.

It’s difficult.

Often, beliefs are formulated because there is something we feel we should avoid or abstain from. We define any good by a border of what we have determined to be anything other than good. Health is commonly thought of as not being in pain. Sanity is thought of as not being emotionally disturbed. Do we have any substantial descriptions of these things? Any concrete way of thinking about them?

Happy is not being depressed. What kind of world do these thoughts paint really? Anything that exists only to prevent the action or presence of something else will inevitably fall away. What do you think of this friends?

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We live on the edge? We live on the edge and in a constant state of anxiety, forever taxing our willpower to serve purposes that don’t themselves contribute to our personal well-being.

As Jerry Seinfeld said in his act, everything is either “great” or it “sucks” and the two are very close together. Indeed. Everything is either sacred or profane. Anything not absolutely forbidden is mandatory, or else you will be judged as not in touch with real life, insane, immoral. Is this unfair of me to say?

This is why many of the mystical and metaphysical practices, that tend to be labeled “left hand”, practice ritual profanity. It serves as a sort of purification so that they might be able to perceive the truth they intuit to be beyond the rigid corpse of conventional thought. They aren’t doing the supposedly vulgar things because they do not value life and the sacred. They seek to put aside any preconceived notions of the truth.

The inverted cross? That would be an example, yes. To my personal point of view the cross is a symbol of a death cult, and in fact, the ancient symbol of the Egyptians, the ankh? It does translate to the middle finger. It’s a combination image of the phallus and the womb. The Egyptians valued symbols of virility and fertility highly. The continued cycle of life was perhaps the utmost sacred order in the world.

But that wasn’t an offense to them I bet, as it is in our culture. It was not offensive. It was sacred. Blood symbolism today is seen as profane, but I will use it to describe the relationship between the sacred and profane in the world now and really at any time.

One of the things they tell you about foreign countries is how not to insult the locals. Oh, indeed. They have their own concepts of the profane. Belching is considered mildly profane in the States. Refusal to belch is considered profane in some other cultures.

Christianity is full of blood symbolism. It is. They even ritually drink it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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