Inner voice = the prime mover. Also inner voice = prima materia = first matter. It’s a part of the bigger order and doesn’t focus on human whim. I do what the voices tell me.

Everything Exists in Control


People argue the relativity of truth, or the nature of absolute truth. The paradox is that all truth is relative so none of it is. It behaves like truth and this relative truth is very here and now. It is in this reality so the ‘nothing matters’ crowd is wrong, and the ‘everything needs to be a machine’ crowd is wrong. These people keep themselves locked in their views, and both have their own complaints about reality for the very simple reason that they deny their own reality. In both extremes, they overlook the heart of the question.

Sounds like I am speaking of nonduality? I am, but even many of the adherents of that understanding believe without understanding. They preach of nonduality but refuse to accept that even what they call duality is part of the nonduality.  They harm in preaching.

Many religions (Christianity in particular) teach the view of duality. We are separate even from God.  So it’s no wonder they have judgments, and feel they are better than those who do not see things their way and cannot practice what they preach. God is love they say. Love is in us. We are one with God in a very natural way.  Something can be in us and transcend us. The evidence is abundant.

God isn’t a very insightful word. It made sense in an older paradigm, but in this day and age with an insight into the real mind the eastern views make much more sense. They go deeper into the nature of mind, self and existence. The gods can be said to exist as transcendent spirits. Love is in us and beyond us, as is hate. It’s seeing the spirit as outside of us, that realm as beyond our reality, that’s the mistake. Even the things that aren’t supposedly human (forces of nature, cosmic forces) are in us because they move us. Like calls to like. Can say they aren’t real, that would be a lie. Can become enamoured of their reality, that would also be a lie. Everything exists in the context of reality. To see one thing in separation from others is where confusion arises.

But we do have to perceive through our minds? Yes, we do have to perceive that way, but the mind can be mirror or window. When we misunderstand the mind we see only the mind. And it can be a very dirty mirror, people don’t polish the mirror in general or do but with a dirty cloth. But we all start there, or if we start elsewhere it has its own hazards.

Mind is both nature and cultivation, but in general we cultivate it poorly. We do not control what we do not understand, and we only understand a thing when we see its nature. Not what it can do, but what it is.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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