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Feel the Gestures in Cognitive Bias

Virtual Interaction Theory

Shall we get to practice now? In practice, it’s about gestures and agents.

Perhaps the first gesture, and I really think it’s one people neglect to make, is respecting the presence of other agents, respecting that things really are as they are.

The second gesture is recognizing the relationships between agents, being open in a fully feeling, sensory way.

Also the basis of Buddhist meditation, for me, anyway. “See it” as it is. Yes.

The third gesture is moving in step with the agents around you. This could also be called learning from experience, and it is something that in general we don’t do very well because we spend too much time thinking about it, trying to interpret the dance before we even sense the choreography. So we have to get the choreography first.

It’s actually okay to react to things as you sense them, as you feel them, your moods as you have them. It has to be okay in order to be able to begin understanding or interpreting them.

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So to recap. Recognize agents, recognize the relationships between agents, move in sync with the agents, harmonize or really experience them, and then, only then, realize yourself as agent. You are the inheritor of a great many gestures before there is any such thing as you.

After realizing your relationship with the agents around you, then seek to express yourself as the individual agent you are. At this point, begin to consider life questions; your desires and what your experiences mean. Is this too weird or abstract for words?

Maybe too concrete for words, better just to experience it? Yes. It’s much better to experience it. You might come to the realization that you only wish you were a rock. You can come to see how very far from being an object you are, and how very far from being what you imagine other people are. A good place to experience this is here in Second Life where people can freely choose according to their mood, their gut, whatever it is they wish to identify as, feel like being, feel like they are.

So yes, a parting thought. Feel the gestures the world is making around you, look for the signs, sign language. You want things, want to communicate things, well, so does the world, and your return gestures will create understanding, outcomes, more than your thoughts, rationales or other prejudice.

I have heard the world described as deaf to human concerns. Why hasn’t anyone been singing to it then? Signing, gesturing, it’s much gentler and healthier than tattooing your will on its skin. You would be severely punished for tattooing something you meant to communicate on the skin of a deaf person. Perhaps that’s why we suffer now?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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