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People can be induced into a tightly contained solipsistic delusion rather easily. Basically they believe their memories are real. There is a difference between creating your reality and creating your “think-ality”.

Find A Side in Profane


Perhaps an animal metaphor would serve to help explain the sacred and profane. Which do you feel more, the vulture or the bunny?

I feel like the mother rabbit. Ah, then you favour the sacred, if only lightly.

Anyone else want to answer? Vulture or rabbit?

Rabbit. Sacred.

Vulture. I think this is why I don’t understand when people think I’m nice. The association of one with nice and the other with cruelty is misguided. Rabbits can be fierce. They can eat their young and kill each other in competition for limited resources.

A rabbit with vulture tendencies, except when I’m a vulture with rabbit tendencies. You spend equal time in both grounds?

Yes. I have many animals within me. We are ultimately an entire food chain, so identifying one foot doesn’t cut off the other. But you do start with either the right or left.

Even God has a left hand. Yes.

For myself, it’s vulture. The vulture actually leaves well enough alone. They almost always only eat the dying or the dead. For myself, I look for the dying. Those who hurt call to me. I can sense something in them that I feel the urge to remove from their world. When I have taken that little pound of already necrotic flesh, I wait and try to guide them to water if they can get over their fear of what I seem like.

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Something like road kill? Exactly, path kill. I prefer to catalyze people from time to time. It’s my way of helping.

I’m a honey badger, look out! You are valiant in the camp of the sacred then.

In the end, the lesson of Khepera holds out. Khepera was the Egyptian deity associated with the dung beetle. All the forgotten choices and wasted opportunities will pool and from them new life return. Any option not taken will remain as a fertile field of choice next time. For myself, I prefer to have a home and not go to the poles. The waters always return to the waters, and each sea speaks to its own essence. I don’t advocate blind typecasting of people, just orientation in the way that is natural for you.

Your consistent message is to make a choice. Make a choice, take that breath, look both ways then cross the street.

Find a side. Find a side and come along to the bigger space between. At some point you started your day in bed. Is this in any way a bad thing?

I like the sacred side, but doesn’t mean you can’t visit the other side once in a while. Indeed, it doesn’t. If anything, there is much to learn from looking at the other side. When the car to the right is going to make a left hand turn, they mean you no harm. They are not your enemy, but ignoring them will cause problems. There is no enemy anywhere, but can you recognize that on a highway with no lines? I find that the reason why leads to wisdom in choices of what.

Deploy spikes and oil slicks. I’m sorry. I think I am being profane. That is welcome here, and I am likely acting like one of the sacred. I don’t do anything wrong in doing so, but I do recognize that I will gravitate back to my centre. I hope I didn’t offend. It was never and is never my intention.

Are animals on the sacred side? Most of them, but even the animal kingdom has its profane contingent. Nature needs the flies and spiders and vultures and jackals, all the eaters of the dead and carriers of disease, but those are perhaps fortunately fewer. The consequences of there ever being none at all would be most dire.

So if anything, what is needed by both sides is love. Love of who they are so they can love all others as they are.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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