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Four Steps to Finding Your Life by Donovan Tyler in Guest Articles

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Finding your path in life can be an overwhelming task, especially since goals frequently change, and life often throws people curve balls. However, following some simple steps makes this process less frightening and makes goals more realistic and attainable.

Have Goals

Once in awhile, it’s certainly pleasant to sit back and relax instead of working toward a new degree, saving to purchase a home or planning an extravagant wedding. However, staying in the status quo for too long eventually creates a stagnant life. In order to have a path, there has to be an end destination and not just an aimless meandering down a road. It’s also important to set realistic goals. Hoping to achieve a Ph.D. in a year or planning to lose 50 pounds in a month is only setting yourself up for failure. Take smaller steps – such as creating an overall healthier lifestyle or taking one class per semester – promises a better chance at success.

A Spiritual Path

Whether you are a religious/spiritual person or not, trying to connect with God or other spiritual beings in which you believe can be a great source of comfort. When the path becomes rough, knowing that you are not alone provides strength and the determination to carry on. An article entitled “Spirituality and Prayer Relieve Stress” by Therese J. Borchard points to Dr. Roberta Lee’s book “The SuperStress Solution.” Lee writes, “[People who are more religious or spiritual are] better able to cope with stress, they heal faster from illness, and they experience increased benefits to their health and well-being.” Additionally, many people who pray feel that God inspires them to follow a particular route. Asking for guidance from God through prayer can open up a whole new set of possibilities. Attending church, temple or other religious services also helps struggling individuals to feel a sense of community.

Support System

Coupled with the idea of receiving support and a sense of worth from a religious and/or spiritual community is the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people. Some people may be jealous of your intended path in life, and they will try to deter you from accomplishing your goal. Bounce ideas off of trusted family members and friends so that you can receive true and unbiased advice. Depending on your goals, you may also want to consult with a clergy member, professor in your area of study or another type of professional in your intended field.

Stay Open Minded

An old quotation of unknown origin states, “People plan. God laughs.” Even if you have the most well crafted plan for life, there will most likely be some bumps along the road. A class that you were hoping to take might close or a religious retreat to your country of origin might fall through because of monetary issues. Try to have a backup plan if possible. For example, take a different class or visit a local house of worship to be more in touch with spirituality. In the event that no alternatives are possible, accept that plans do not always work out perfectly and find a new route to happiness and success.

Now that you have read some steps for finding your path in life, it’s time to put your plans into action. Everyone has different plans. Therefore, it is important to figure out what you need to do in order to make your specific and personal ambitions come into total fruition.

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